Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Spooktacular Pitch Extravaganza Agent Round: The Lucky 50 Names Announced!

Please read this post carefully! If you emailed your pitch to the wrong email, email me at the correct email by October 23 letting me know this is what happened and we'll work something out!

It has come to my attention a few entries may have been sent to JamieCorrigan instead of JamieCorriganContests! Please make sure you send/sent your pitch to JamieCorriganContests (at) gmail (dot) com!

A list of alternates can be found above the list of top 50! Also a note has been added with the list of top 50 for the ones who didn't make the deadline! So there's still hope!! (This announcement was made today 10/19 so alternates aren't late!)

Top 50, please read notice #3!

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Today I'm very happy to announce the names of the lucky 50 people who have made it through to the agent round! Brittany and Jordy are very excited to read your pitches and I'm very excited to get to host them! I know, you're saying, "Get to the names already, woman!" We're getting to that. But first, the rules!

NOTICE: If I do not receive your entry by 8am EDT on October 19th, an alternate will take your spot. So, if you don't see your name on this list, watch my blog and the hashtag #SpookPitch on twitter to see if an alternate has been announced on October 19th.

NOTICE #2: Brittany Booker is no longer with the Corvisiero Literary Agency but is still taking on new clients while being in between agencies. She will still be playing and requesting pitches, so don't worry! She and Jordy are very excited to play and can't wait to redecorate your pitches starting this weekend!


If you've made it through to the agent round you MUST follow these instructions. Email your 3 line pitch (That's 3 sentences. No more and no less.) along with your first 250 words of your finished and polished ms (If it stops in the middle of a sentence, continue on until the end of that sentence.) from TODAY (October 17th) until Friday (October 19th) at 8am EDT to JamieCorriganContests (at) gmail (dot) com with the subject line Spooktacular Pitch: TITLE. Your entry should be formatted like this in a normal font:

Name: Jamie Corrigan
Title: SPARK
Genre: YA Dark Fantasy
Word Count: 61,000 words

3 line Pitch:

Sixteen-year-old Taisie Monahan's ghost problems explode into the real world once she discovers her ability to destroy immortality in magical beings, a power the malevolent Spark needs to regain the life he lost centuries ago. Holding her mom's soul hostage in his ghoulish realm, Spark agrees to set everyone free if Taisie wins a twisted game of hide-and-seek. Problem is, if she fails, Taisie's free will—along with her mom's soul—will be his forever and the world will not survive if Spark's allowed to return to the real world once again.

First 250:

Pressing myself against a brick wall, I tried to catch a break from the sea of students flowing through the floodgates of Saint Isabel High. I'd never seen so many name-brand clothes in one place before. I took a step forward and then quickly returned to the safety of the wall.

Get a grip. People are staring.

I tried to will myself to listen, to move away from the wall, but my fear kept me locked into place like a statue held by chains. Acting like a mess wasn't going to make my old rep of being a freak-girl go away in this school any easier.

“Hey! Come here!” My breath caught when the hot jock yelled and waved at me. Or what I wanted to be me. After all, didn't I try to make myself look like his type when I got up that morning?

My finger lightly swiped across my sorry excuse for lipstick, kicking up a slight hint of cherry from my lip balm, making me feel like a little girl in big girl clothing. My legs wanted to run away, but my brain ordered me to act like this was nothing new and walk over to him as if I'd done it a million times. No one knew the old me. The one I'd left behind. I could be different here. I just had to act the part.

I managed to plaster a huge fake smile across my face as I strolled over to him.

And now what you've all be waiting for...

ALTERNATES: If your name appears below, please email me your 3 line pitches along with your first 250 words by 9pm EDT tonight 10/19!

Fiery Na
Sue Frye
Laurie Litwin
Leah Goodreau
Stephanie Haefner
Kevin Winn
Talynn Lynn
Kathleen S. Allen
Mia K Rose
Meredith Mansfield

AGENT ROUND LUCKY 50: If your name appears below, please remember to email your submission to me by 8am EDT on October 19th so you won't be replaced.

NOTICE #3: If you were on the original list of top 50 and didn't see the list until now or forgot to send in your pitch, you can still email your entry to me by 9pm EDT tonight and I'll do my best to work you in.

Leiann Bynum
C Stewart Hardwick
Chelle Bruhn
Ella Schwartz
Anabel Gonzalez
Kelly Heinen
Gail Nall
Ashley Keene
Stacey Nash
Debra Ann Gray-Elliot
Michelle Hauck
Ariana Richards
Rachel Horwitz
Karen Lee Hallam
JA Sterling
Natasha Hawkins
Tlotlo Tsamaase
Melanie Conklin Redacted and wishing her much luck!!
Jessica Harvey
Tanya Spencer
Rhiann Wynn-Nolet
Axie Oh
Jamie Montgomery
Megan L. Reese
Robin Ambrose Weeks
John Krissilas
Lisa Swinton
Lori A. Goldstein
Jordan Sky
Rachel Pudelek
Donea Lee
Liana Brooks
Abby Cavenaugh
Ariel Miller
Amanda Foody
Ranee S. Clark
Ryan Hill
Angi Black
Alex Brown
Janet Robinson
Jason Nelson
Karen Y. Bynum
Alternate #1: Veronica Bartles

On October 20th - October 28th agents Brittany Booker and Jordy Albert will be redecorating these lucky 50 people's entries Halloween style. Remember the comments will be on moderation so only Brittany and Jordy can comment. However, I will be live tweeting and hosting a cheering party during that time on the hashtag #SpookPitch on twitter. So, if you like to shake your pom-poms or just want to know if a move has been made, stop by and say hi!


On October 29th I will announce who won the editing Gift Certificate from Cassandra Marshall with the names of who landed requests from Brittany and Jordy. Plus I'll tell what those requests are along with instructions on how to get your requests into their hands. So, stay tuned for that!


Congratulations to everyone who made it to the agent round. If you didn't make it in, don't feel bad. I've entered many contests and have seen both sides of the random draw. While it can be a bummer, just remember that next time might be your time. So keep up the great work!

See you all on #SpookPitch and here on October 29th!


  1. So excited to be one of the lucky 50. Thanks so much for hosting this Jamie and for putting this post up a little early :)

  2. Thank you so much. I am so excited to be one of the 50 chosen!

  3. Alright!! Thanks Jamie for hosting -yet another kick to my adrenaline-and nerves-Oh-boy! Love these contests. :D Good luck writers!

  4. Oh my goodness, I'm so excited to be in this contest!!! Thanks for putting this on!!!

  5. Lori A. Goldstein (@_lagold)October 17, 2012 at 8:09 AM

    Nice to get the lottery love! Thanks for hosting this great contest!

  6. I've never gotten lottery love before! Yes! Thank you for hosting this contest. I know it has to be a lot of work.

  7. So far, I've received good contest news while I'm on campus, usually during my student radio shift! So excited to be one f the 50 and can't wait to get my email in (when I'm off campus) =).

  8. After watching all of the other contests float by over the last few months, I'm excited to get in on this one. Now that I'm finally ready to go! Thanks Jamie :)

  9. Finally!! I made it to an agent round!!! Thank you so much, Jamie!! :) I'm excited!

  10. Woohoo! Looking forward to all of us getting egged!

  11. Woo hoo!! I'm in!! :) Congrats to the other lucky 49. And BIG thanks to Jamie, Brittany and Jordy for hosting this contest!

  12. I can't believe my eyes. My name is on here. I've never won anything in my life. Thanks so much for having this contest Jaime, Brittany and Jordy.

    Congrats everyone!

  13. I'm SO excited!! Thanks so much Jamie, Brittany, and Jordy for all of your hard work with this fabulous contest. Congratulations to everyone and good luck!

  14. Whoa I made it? Thanks for throwing this contest Jamie! I can't wait to see all the great work that's going to get posted this weekend.

  15. Cool I made it into the contest! At least I think I did, there's an extra A at the end of my 1st name. Its leiann, not leianna. Oh well, I sent in my submission anyway :)

  16. Didn't expect to get picked. So great! Thanks for this chance. I love when other writers do these contests.

  17. I'm so giddy that everyone's so excited! I know Brittany, Jordy, and myself are super excited about this and they can't wait to get to start play this weekend! Congrats to everyone and good luck!!

  18. Thanks for hosting, Jamie. I'm excited to make it to the agent round. =)

    Congrats to all who made it...and if not, the good new is that there's always another contest lurking around the corner!

  19. Yeah, so excited about this!
    Quick question: Did you send out confirmation emails? I sent my pitch two days ago, but I'm not if you got it ...
    Thanks so much and have a great weekend everyone :-)

    1. Hey Anya! I didn't send confirmations out. But if anyone wanted to make sure I got theirs I let them know. And yes. I got yours Wednesday so you're all good to go! Congrats & good luck!!

  20. I am so glad I hopped over here to see if anything new was happening on the blog! Boy I am I glad it did!! I'll be sending my 3 line pitch over in just a little bit. I'm so excited - Woo hoo:)

    1. So, are the alternates still being posted, or are you still waiting on those who sent to the wrong address? And, did mine come through?

    2. Hey! Alternates are still being posted, so don't worry! If you've sent in your pitch & I got it, you're in! I'm not going to bump you just because. It just doesn't feel right to me.

      And yes! I got your pitch and you're all good to go! Congrats & good luck!!

    3. You just made my day:) Thank you!

    4. Oh, yay! I'm so glad you're all excited! Wishing you all much luck w/being egged & TP'd!

    5. Why thank you babes

  21. Totally forgot to check and just saw it on my calendar to look on the 17th :/ Oops. Oh well. There's always next time. Good luck to whichever alternate took my place!