So, I figure it's time I put something here to explain exactly what the #TwitWits are. Well, we are a group of oddly beautiful authors and our home base is on Facebook and Twitter.

Our crazy little group was founded by myself, John Lucas Hargis, Christina Ferko, and Summer Heacock after a fun group twitter date with agent John M. Cusick introduced us to each other. (He had our mss' and said he was on a date with them. So we gathered on twitter for our date. It's a long story, but a fun one!) Not long after that, we gathered on Facebook and began helping each other with queries, wips, and so on. That blossomed into the #TwitWits. A grassroots group of oddly beautiful authors who only want to help writers along in our careers.

Want to join our group? Well, contact a #TwitWit today (we are a large group) and we'll tell you how! We're very friendly and I promise we don't bite... much! Pimp canes and flaming nunchucks will be used, but only on queries and mss'!

What you will find on the #TwitWits page and hashtag:
Authors helping authors.
News about contests.
Chatting about writing and life in general.
And so much more!

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