Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Anticipation and Fandom

So, today one of my favorite video games sequel came out, Final Fantasy XIII-2, and I couldn't be more excited! I've fallen in love with the graphics and characters of the first FFXIII. In fact, Lightning has become one of my favorite characters to look to when I want to write a strong female character. I'll admit it. I'm a fan girl. The anticipation for this game has had me looking every week to see when it would be released. I even preordered it a year ago.

Video games aren't the only thing that I'm crazy about. I've been known to brag about books that I beta read or was a CP and got to read it early, and they aren't even represented yet. There's no publishing date and yet, I'm crazy about it. I'm a fan girl of authors that I'm friends with or just know by reading their books.

I preordered A Touch Morbid by Leah Clifford as soon as I found out I could! I've been known to drive to Wal-Mart at midnight just because the book I had been looking forward to came out right then and made them open the box so I could have it. I couldn't stand the anticipation anymore.

So, today as I sit down and play my new totally awesome game, I will be over joyed! This fandom will never go away and I hope it never does! The love I have for this game is the same love I have for every book that I'm looking forward to owning one day. So, here I am, forever a fan girl!

Are you anticipating anything? What are you a fan of?

Until next time, happy reading/writing everyone!!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Beyond The Clouds

Beyond the clouds, I can not see. Pushing and twisting, still never free. Frigid is the air that floats my way. Standing solid, this is where I play. Looking down, I see you there. Dancing around, without a care. Now I fall to you, with arms open wide. Hoping you will see me, falling from the sky. Refreshing is my touch, as I grace your skin. Tomorrow I'll be gone, but I will return again. So now I sit, waiting to see you again. To take away that frown, I sit beyond the clouds.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Role Models In YA and Real Life

So, last night I was working on my new WIP and query while having the show Toddlers & Tiaras on in the background. Normally, I really don't pay attention to the show. It's just on for noise while I work. Something that won't distract me so I can get what I am working on done. This time however, I was totally distracted and mad as a bull seeing red!

If you didn't see last night's season finale, you didn't miss much. Just watch any of the shows and you've got it. The only thing that got me was mother's putting their young daughters on diets just for a pageant! Not because they were unhealthy. But because they wanted them to be thin enough to win. Then the pageant director actually said, and I quote, "Nobody wants to see a chubby child on stage. We want the Barbie." I was in shock! Then it got worse when she added, "Pageants aren't for the poor." And, "You have to be a pretty girl to win a pageant. If you're not a pretty girl, then you need to find something else." That's when I decided that I was ashamed to be from the same state as this woman.

After calming down, I began to think about role models. I've heard people talk about how YA author's don't write great role models for teens. That we are giving them the idea that it's okay to do the things we write in books. Well, if I write about a girl who is strong enough to be herself, I think that's a great role model.

If we as authors wrote about a girl being put on a diet for a pageant, parents would throw a fit. But when it's done in real life, it's ignored. To me, that's damaging a child's self esteem. I can't wrap my head around how a made up character can be a bad role model when a parent forcing their child to be like Barbie is only helping their child's self esteem. I may be wrong, but isn't that only telling your child that they have to be perfect and have money to be somebody?

YA characters can help a child who is going through the same thing that the character is to accept what is going on or see a way out. They can identify with the character and realize that just because somebody tells them that they're not beautiful because they're the chubby kid, that that person is wrong. They don't have to be Barbie to be somebody. They don't even have to have money to be happy.

YA characters can tell a child all of that. So can real life people. I'd love to see a world where what people looked like or how much money they had didn't matter. Where little kids can eat that slice of pizza without somebody yelling that they're going to get fat. I want the role models of my youth. Like my Mom who always told me that it didn't matter what everybody thought about me. That it only mattered what I thought about myself. She always told me to be a good person and treat others with kindness and respect. That's the role models I like to write and like for children to be around in real life.

What do you think? Who was your role models?

Until next time, happy reading/writing everybody!!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Do's and Don'ts Of Marketing

I'm sure you're wondering why I'm writing this post. Well, let me explain. Even though I haven't had my book published or published it myself, I am already marketing myself as an author as I type this post. Putting myself out here to the world is marketing. There are rules for marketing ones self or product, and I am sure we know some of the big ones like not putting something out there while angry that you'd want to take back later. That is a big no-no.

So, why am I writing this post? Well, I was talking with a friend today and we were discussing how people market themselves and their products/business every day. While talking about this, I brought up a game that I used to play who's owner's marketing schemes have ruined their business. That is what created the idea for this post. So, lets begin the do's and don'ts of marketing.

Do get your name out there.
It's a great move to make. Get out there and meet people. Getting your name in the public's mind will help tons when marketing your product or book. If they don't know your name, then they won't know to look for you or your book.

Don't assume anything.
Ah, assumptions. The biggest trap of all. If you open a twitter account and just post a tweet like: "Hi. I'm Jim and I write." Don't assume that will get tons of follows or have people looking for you. Sure, you'll get those totally hot chicks who just are dying to be with you, but you won't get what you assume you'll be getting. After all, we all know what they say about assuming.

Do use social networking to your advantage.
Social networking is a great way to get your name, product, and book out there. By using things like twitter, facebook, google+, and so on, you will/can connect to your target audience and reach farther than you could by just word of mouth. So use those social networks to your advantage.

Don't abuse your social network.
We all hate that person who friends us or follows us and when we gladly follow back or accept the request, spams us with links to their awesome new book or product. If you're this person, STOP! It's only pushing away the people who might buy your product/book. By annoying your social network, you ruin everything else that you've done to get your name out there. So, before you DM that link to your new book, think twice.

Do be a normal person.
Talk to people. Even if it's just over a social network. If you show people the real you, then they won't mind the occasional link being tweeted or posted. I've actually been told this, so trust me. If you have normal chats with your tweeps, they won't mind repeated tweets about that really cool contest you're running. In fact, they'll help spread the word. So, remember to just be you first. People will like and respond much better if you do.

Don't say something out of anger that you'll regret later.
We've all been there. Someone's said something that hurt your feelings so you lash out. Being angry or upset is natural and fine. Spewing angry words all over the Internet or T.V. isn't. Okay, it is. But it's not a smart move. So when the anger strikes, let it out. Just not in a public way. Many people's career's have been ruined by not following this advice and you don't want to follow in their footsteps.

Do listen to advice.
Believe it or not, but customers do have great opinions. Not all, but some really can help with your next project. So, listen to your customers about what they liked or didn't like about your first book and carry that info into your next project. It will help make it better.

Don't be desperate.
If you spam your customers with buy my site's special currency or buy my book now on every page when they go to your site, then stop. It's annoying and people will not want to visit your site and you might lose very important business. The thing you should realize is, that by doing this you're saying, "I'm desperate! I really need the money! It's all about the money!" That is NOT the thing you want your customers to think about you.

The thing I'm trying to get at here is that there are right ways and wrong ways to market ones self or product. One wrong turn can ruin every right turn you made. So, think about what draws you to your favorite authors and products and pay attention to how they market themselves. And don't go down the road of regrets by making that wrong turn.

Until next time, happy reading/writing everyone!

Saturday, January 21, 2012


Today's post is about belief. If you don't believe in yourself or what you are doing, then what do you believe in? Belief and faith are one in the same in my opinion. If you don't belief in something, then you can't have faith in it. If I don't believe in myself, then I can't have faith in myself. It all starts with one word. Believe.

There have been times in my life where I've lost faith in who I am, but that only means that I no longer believed in myself. That shining light went dim and I couldn't see it from where I was standing in the darkness. Sure, the darkness has its perks like cookies, but it's also cold and lonely. Sooner or later, my soul craved the warm embrace of the light of belief! Once I saw it growing brighter, I found my faith again and knew that I was on the right path.

In writing, there are many things that can make you lose belief in yourself. A harsh critique, a bad review, or even a small thing like a rejection can make the light dim or fade from sight. It's not forever gone though. All you have to do is remember that what you're doing has worth, even if no one agrees with you about it. If setting pen to paper or fingers to keys makes your day joyous, then don't allow anyone to take that joy away. Keep going! Keep learning and moving forward! Find that belief in yourself and hold on to it for dear life! When you do, you will find that light shines brighter than the morning sun!

Until next time, happy reading/writing everyone!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Day The Internet Went Black

Yesterday I participated in the voluntary boycott against the SOPA and PIPA acts. Wikipedia, Google, Reddit, Wordpress, and even Mozilla along with other websites joined in along side ordinary people like myself and went dark. If you bounced around, I'm sure you saw the blacked out screens, or image blacked out like Google did to protest these acts. If you don't know why we did it, let me explain.

Imagine if every day on the internet was like yesterday. Sites gone or blacked out because their freedom was gone. YOUR freedom was gone. Congress is saying that they are trying to protect an industry, but it's only a veil in front of 1984 waiting to happen. Soon, anything you use that could be considered someone else's, like a picture for example, could land you in hot water. Not fun, right?

The U.S. government will have control over our free internet if these acts pass, which means rules and freedoms will be changed and taken away. Sure, there could be some good to come from this. But does that out weigh the bad? Will that good come at the price of our freedom? I'm not willing to risk it. No good can come out of Big Brother watching/policing the internet in this way.

They're wanting to crack down on people who pirate movies/music/books/and so on, you say. Well, I agree that's something that should be stopped, not like this. They're not wanting to go after the people who are pirating these things, they're wanting to go after the people who receive it. So, lets say for example that you win a free copy of Harry Potter from someone. You're excited, right? Well, what if they pirated that movie and to get it you must pay $5 for something to deal with the contest. The movie is a download. Guess what. The government is coming for YOU for downloading it.

But you didn't do anything! I know, but you downloaded it. You weren't the one who pirated it! Doesn't matter. You downloaded it and broke the law. You're the one in trouble and yet you weren't the one who started this whole mess.

Shouldn't they go after the one who actually pirated the movie? Yes, but it's so much easier to come after you. You, the downloader, should have known better. You should have known that it was pirated. You should have bought the movie yourself instead of thinking you could get something for a few bucks. After all, Hollywood needs more money and so does the government.

Lets face it folks. The people who pirate these things don't sale them online. They sale them out of the trunks of their cars or someplace where they won't get caught. It's going to be the innocent ones or the ones trying to save a buck who will be punished. The ones who are the start of the problem will be left free to do it all again. No lesson learned. Only profit made. This to me isn't right.

I'm not for breaking the law. In fact, I hate piracy. Go to your local library, rent the movie from Redbox, borrow a CD from a friend. There are many ways to get these things for free or very cheap. Piracy isn't the answer. These acts are also not the answer. I encourage all of you to contact your Congressmen/Congresswomen and let them know that you're not for these acts. Tell them that if they vote for it, then you will not vote for them. Your freedom depends on it.

If these pass, one day of blackouts will turn into a future of  

Do you want that?

Crazy note: A friend told me this. Under SOPA, you could get 5 years for uploading a Michael Jackson song, one year more than the doctor who killed him.

Happy reading/writing everyone.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Good Boys Gone Bad: When The Hero Becomes The Villain

As you can tell from the above picture, I'm a huge fan of the CW's Vampire Dairies. Not only do I watch the show, but I'm in love with the books. Well, the ones that are actually written by the author L.J. Smith. But I won't get into that now. This post is about something else.

For those who haven't watched the show or read the books, here's a quick run through. Two vampire brothers (Damon and Stefan Salvatore) fall for the same human girl (Elena Gilbert) who just happens to look like the vampire (Katherine Pierce) they once loved and turned them into what they are. Elena falls for Stefan, but she also has feelings for Damon. So, there's a big love triangle. It becomes bigger once Katherine comes back around. If you want to know more, cause I'm not wanting to spoil it for anyone, check out the show and the books to learn more. I promise you won't regret it!

One big thing that's happening in the series right now is the fact that boy scout, Stefan has become the villain. Usually it's his brother, Damon who is up to the wicked, but Stefan has taken that role over now. While watching this weeks episode, which I'm still in shock over, I began to think about what happens when the hero becomes the villain. That's what this post is truly about.

I've written a few heroes before. I've grown to love them just as I've grown to love the heroes in the books that I read. The fact that a hero can become the villain kind of unnerves me and intrigues me at the exact same time. I'm not sure what I would do if I were Elena and my boyfriend suddenly acted like he didn't care if I died. I'm not sure if I could ever forgive that.

So, why would a heroine forgive the hero for doing something evil? Maybe because she realizes that he was trying to actually save her life by going so deep into the dark. Maybe because she loves him so much that she can see past his actions. Maybe she can forgive him because she sees that he was only trying to push her away because he didn't feel worthy of her love. There are many reasons why someone can forgive the hero for turning evil for a while, but I'm not sure if they really should.

I'm almost 100% positive that Elena will forgive Stefan and they will be together again. I'm kind of happy about that too because I love them together, (even though I'm in love with Damon. But I want him with Bonnie really.) But I kind of wish she wouldn't take him back. Not fast anyway. If I write a hero into a villain, I'm not wanting the girl to forgive him at the snap of his fingers as soon as he changes back to the light side. I'm wanting her to stand firm and say no. That she needs time and that she can't forgive him for all that he's done nor will she forget about it. I would hope my character would understand where she's coming from, but I'm not so sure in real life a person does.

Lets face it. Heroes become villains in the real world all of the time. We forgive them sometimes. Other times we ask for our space and/or just walk away. I love a bad boy just as much as anybody, but sometimes they can go too far. When that invisible line is crossed, then it's time to cut your losses and that's how I feel it should be in books/TV/movies too. If we wouldn't hang on, then why do we expect a fictional character to do it?

I enjoy watching/reading a character that can flirt with both sides, but when they go past the point of no return, I start to cheer on the other guy that has been standing in the shadows loving the girl the entire time. The guy who may be the bad boy, but has never done the things the "hero" has done in the name of love or something. That is the guy I hope wins in the end. The one who plays the villain but was always the hero all along.

What do you think? Let me know.

Happy reading and writing everyone!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Inspiration: Where Do You Find It?

This post is all about inspiration. Something I've found that I have to have if I want to write or finish writing a manuscript. If my inspiration is gone, then my poor MS will forever be unfinished until the inspiration I had comes back and brings my passion for the story along with it.

Passion? Yep, passion! Inspiration and passion go hand in hand. If I have a dream that inspires me to put fingers to keys, I have to be passionate about it to keep going. The inspiration is only half of the process. If inspiration and passion aren't working hand in hand, then nothing will blossom on the page.

Inspiration comes from many things for me. I've had dreams that wouldn't let go and I just had to put them into words. I've watched things that gave me an idea and off I go. I've even watched children playing and became inspired to write something. Inspiration comes in so many ways that I can't put them all into words.

For me, inspiration is an important part of my writing process. It's something I value and I'm so happy when it finds me!

So, what inspires you?

Happy reading and writing everyone!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Introducing Author Julia King: An Interview

Julia King who is represented by Lauren Hammond of the ADA Management Group

The year has just begun and my first post of this year has been out for a little bit, followed by me just celebrating my birthday. (Sorry for the selfish moment. I was just so happy! hehe) So, I sat down and began thinking out what I wanted to do for my next post and that's when I realized that I haven't had an interview on here in a long time.

Well, thinking about an interview made me think of interviewing a fellow author. I've had the pleasure of interviewing a few authors before, and I've found that I enjoy reading their answers more than I do asking the questions!

So, I was sitting there with my new post idea and only one name kept coming to mind. My good friend, CP, and newly signed author, Julia King! I immediately stopped thinking and took to twitter to ask if she'd be interested and was delighted when she giggly said yes! (Jules is a big giggler!) So, now may I introduce you all to my good friend, author Julia King!

1. How about we start off by letting you introduce yourself?

I’m a 29 year old in a super sore 80 year olds body. A long story involving some car accidents (not my fault at all). I work as an Administrative Assistant, but my night job is being an author. I love to sleep. I hate being cold.

I'll agree with you on both sleep and cold!

2. What did you want to be when you were five?

My mind is Swiss cheese. Can’t remember back that far. But I’d probably have liked to continue being a stubborn child, making her parents go crazy because she wouldn’t eat anything.

Good answer. Love the making your parents go crazy part. 

3. What was the most interesting time of your life so far?

Right now! Who’d have thought I’d be an author with an agent.

Me! I knew! And I'm so super proud of you!!

4. You've mentioned before that you lived in England. What was that like? Where did you live?

I lived just outside of London in a city called Maidenhead and loved it lots. While there I worked as an Au Par (nanny). I’m still good friends with the family. I loved the accent, the weather, and driving on the other side of the road. Ok, I never had the chance, but it was super cool.

That sounds like a really cool time of your life! Makes me want to go there right now!

5. What made you write your first novel, FÉLICITÉ FOUND?

A dream that wouldn’t stop taunting me with its image in my mind. I started plucking away on the keyboard writing it. It’s been a fun ride since.

Ah! The dream that won't let go. Most of the best books start with just a dream. You're dream, my friend, was a really good one too! (Can you tell I've read the book? ;))

6. Queries. I have to ask about this. What was the process like for you? Was there a time you ever felt like giving up? What made you push on?

It was awful at first with getting all the rejections, but soon I learned to not take it personally. I had to remind myself this industry is SUBJECTIVE. One agent may like what you write because it’s what they’re looking for. Another may be a completely different situation, but it’s not because your writing sucks. I definitely felt like giving up—on a daily basis. Lots of chocolate pushed me forward and veg’ing on the couch. Ok, seriously, it’s because I know my book is good. I want people to read it. And I’ve never felt so driven with any of my endeavors. I HAVE to be published and there’s no “NO” about it. Having other authors on my sideline, too. They were my saviors because they knew EXACTLY what I was going through.

That is exactly true! No two agents will see things the exact same way. Just like no two readers will see things the exact same way. But that's what makes it good!

7. The big call! You’re represented by Lauren Hammond of ADA Mangement Group, (Super congrats!!) What was that moment like when you got that magical offer that we all dream of?

I thought I was asleep. Really. I kept on pinching myself. Then I ran into my boss’s office and jumped around in a squealing and giggle fest. For at least two weeks I felt as though I was still sleeping. Soon I’d wake up from one of those super great dreams feeling severely disappointed. It’s like you were robbed of the best kiss ever. You know what I mean.

I know exactly what you mean. I'd also love to see the security tape of that little celebration too. I'm sure it's super funny. Hehe :)

8. I know you said that your goal for last year was to have an agent by the end of 2011 and you did! What is your goal for this year?

My goal for this year is to have a publisher if not be published. I wouldn’t mind a boyfriend, either. I’d like to say meet Zac Efron (my current famous crush), but what are the chances? haha

Being published/having a publisher is a great goal! Ah! The boyfriend! We must work on this. LOL! And Zac Efron is something you should never rule out. The world works in mysterious ways. But, we will work on that late. Next question!

9. New Years Eve was just a couple weeks ago. What was your resolution?

I didn’t really make one. Is that bad? I’m sort of still thinking about it.

Not bad at all! I didn't make one either. I figure if you never keep them, why make one?

10. If you could make one wish right now and have it come true, what would it be and why?

To meet some nice guy who wants to spend forever with me. Or to be published.

Not bad. And congrats on not making the beauty queen wish!

11. Lets say you were trapped on a deserted island and could only have three things, (either a person, food, books, whatever you wish!) What would those three things be and why?

1. Totinos pizzas – love those pizzas. Maybe I’m saying it because I just ate one for dinner

2. Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand – my favorite book. Ever! (Or another book, but I don’t want to get religious)

3. If I could fit all my family members into one person that’s who I would bring. That’s cheating, though. 

First, yum! Totinos is always a good choice! Atlas Shrugged is also another great choice. (I think I know the other book you mention.) And family! Okay, I'll let you take them all!

12. What is your guilty pleasure and why?

Sleeping in. I love sleeping. Being in a nice comfy warm bed is divine. Plus, it makes my 80 year old body feel better. :) Another thing would have to be Nutella! Numms.

Both awesome! I was just expecting chocolate. But sleep and Nutella works for me! Moving on!

13. If you could read only one book for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Atlas Shrugged, again. It is poetic beauty in story form. Read it! Love it! Never stop thinking about it!

Now you're just trying to make me read it again! LOL :)

14. Blogging is a great place for authors to reach readers. Why do you blog? What advice would you give authors who want to blog, but don't know where or how to start?

I started off blogging to get my name out there. Who knew who Julia King was back a year and a half ago—no one but my family and friends. Now people know me. Now I blog because I love it. It makes my writing better. I enjoy reaching out to people, giving them something interesting or helpful to read. If someone wants to start blogging, they need to first figure out who their audience is. At that point, target what you write to them.  Be yourself and enjoy what you write.

All wonderful advice! Especially about writing for your target audience. That is an important one!

15. Finally, what advice or words of wisdom would you like to share with my readers and the world?

If you want to write, WRITE. If you want to read, READ A LOT. If you like to write or read, look forward to reading FÉLICITÉ FOUND. Ok, that was a shameless plug. Sorry!  Also, I’ve said it once, twice, three-hundred times and I’ll say it again: SOCIAL NETWORK. You have to get your name out there. You have to find writing buddies to keep you going. It is a must and helps you learn loads to get your book(s) honed into masterpieces.

All great advice. I'd like to thank Julia again for doing this interview. If you haven't talked with her before, then you should really look her up on twitter cause not only will you love her, but you will laugh too! She's just that cute!

Thank you again, Jules!

P.S. I've decided to make post on three days a week from now on. Or at least I'm going to try! Julia is the one who gave me this idea and I thank her very much for doing so. So, look for new posts to be up on every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday! Now, happy reading and writing everyone!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

It's My Birthday! I Can Blog If I Want To!

That's right! Today is my birthday! Another year gone and another year started. A lot has changed over this past year. I finished revising and editing my first novel and began querying it. I received my first rejection and proudly blogged about it. I've also found a new strength that I've grown to love very much.

So, today on my birthday I want to say thank you all for sticking with me. I wish you all could be here so we could have a really great time celebrating! I'm not sure what the hubby has planned, but I'm pretty sure it's going to be fun.

As I blow out my candles on my super yummy cake, my head will be full of wishes that I wish would come true. I'm going to share a little secret with you all. Promise you won't tell? Okay. When I make my wish, I'm going to wish that everyone in the world gets their wish as long as it is good. Nothing evil on my birthday. I'm going to wish for everyone and hope that this wish will push them all over the top. So if you get what you wish for today, you're welcome! And thank you for sharing your wish with me on my birthday!

Happy reading and writing everybody!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

How Are You? The All About Me Person Post

Lately, somethings been bugging me. I'm big on asking my friends and family how they're doing when we talk and most if not all do the same while talking with me. It's just something that I feel is right to do. I'm not the me, me, me type of girl. It's just not who I am and I really get bothered by people who are that way. I'm cool with someone doing it every now and then, but not every time we talk. That just doesn't seem right to me. In fact, it just feels wrong.

I've talked with a few people about this and have found we all know the "It's all about me," type of person and we all are bugged by them. I guess what's really bothering me at the moment is that I have someone in my family who is very ill and yet they still can ask how I or someone else is while a perfectly fine person is really only concerned with themselves. That, to me, is just wrong. How can someone who's sick care enough to ask how someone is while someone who is healthy compared to the other can't bother to really try?

The all about me mentality is just something I can't seem to grasp. Whenever I try to even be that way, my stomach flips. I just can't seem to do it. I guess that's why it bugs me so much. I can't understand how someone can be like that. I find myself distancing myself from people who are like that and I've learned I'm not alone about this. I keep my mouth shut. Ignore it as much as I can. But when the all about me person pops up and lies on me just to get attention...well, I guess that's what this post really is about. My heart's broken. I'm hurt that someone I care about can care so much about themselves that they're willing to cause drama, create lies, and even bother a sick person just to make something about them when really there was nothing there to begin with. But I guess that's why they had to create something so it could be about them.

This hurt that they have caused is something not even a rejection can touch. As I've mentioned before, the rejection process has been kinda freeing for me. I've found strength while doing it. It's that strength that I'm leaning on now to keep my mouth shut. I'm doing my best to stay the positive person that I've grown to be. I'm trying not to let them turn me into the me, me, me kinda of person. That is someone I never want to be and if I start becoming that person I pray my hubby, family, friends, and all of you pull me back to the person I am at this very moment as I type this. This is the woman that I want to stay.

That being said, if I've never asked this before I am truly sorry. I've always felt it didn't need to be said between us because I feel we are so open and close. But now I feel like it needs to be said. Once again, please forgive me for not asking before. How are you?

The next post will be more up beat, I swear! Happy reading/writing everyone!

Sunday, January 1, 2012


Hello my lovely readers! I just wanted to be the first to wish you all a very Happy New Year 2012!! I hope you're having a wonderful time and if you drink you're either staying in one place or using a cab/sober driver! Remember safe may not always be cool, but it always means life! I can't wait to post news and share stories with you all in this coming year! Now, continue with your party and don't let me stop you from having a good time.