Thursday, January 12, 2012

Introducing Author Julia King: An Interview

Julia King who is represented by Lauren Hammond of the ADA Management Group

The year has just begun and my first post of this year has been out for a little bit, followed by me just celebrating my birthday. (Sorry for the selfish moment. I was just so happy! hehe) So, I sat down and began thinking out what I wanted to do for my next post and that's when I realized that I haven't had an interview on here in a long time.

Well, thinking about an interview made me think of interviewing a fellow author. I've had the pleasure of interviewing a few authors before, and I've found that I enjoy reading their answers more than I do asking the questions!

So, I was sitting there with my new post idea and only one name kept coming to mind. My good friend, CP, and newly signed author, Julia King! I immediately stopped thinking and took to twitter to ask if she'd be interested and was delighted when she giggly said yes! (Jules is a big giggler!) So, now may I introduce you all to my good friend, author Julia King!

1. How about we start off by letting you introduce yourself?

I’m a 29 year old in a super sore 80 year olds body. A long story involving some car accidents (not my fault at all). I work as an Administrative Assistant, but my night job is being an author. I love to sleep. I hate being cold.

I'll agree with you on both sleep and cold!

2. What did you want to be when you were five?

My mind is Swiss cheese. Can’t remember back that far. But I’d probably have liked to continue being a stubborn child, making her parents go crazy because she wouldn’t eat anything.

Good answer. Love the making your parents go crazy part. 

3. What was the most interesting time of your life so far?

Right now! Who’d have thought I’d be an author with an agent.

Me! I knew! And I'm so super proud of you!!

4. You've mentioned before that you lived in England. What was that like? Where did you live?

I lived just outside of London in a city called Maidenhead and loved it lots. While there I worked as an Au Par (nanny). I’m still good friends with the family. I loved the accent, the weather, and driving on the other side of the road. Ok, I never had the chance, but it was super cool.

That sounds like a really cool time of your life! Makes me want to go there right now!

5. What made you write your first novel, FÉLICITÉ FOUND?

A dream that wouldn’t stop taunting me with its image in my mind. I started plucking away on the keyboard writing it. It’s been a fun ride since.

Ah! The dream that won't let go. Most of the best books start with just a dream. You're dream, my friend, was a really good one too! (Can you tell I've read the book? ;))

6. Queries. I have to ask about this. What was the process like for you? Was there a time you ever felt like giving up? What made you push on?

It was awful at first with getting all the rejections, but soon I learned to not take it personally. I had to remind myself this industry is SUBJECTIVE. One agent may like what you write because it’s what they’re looking for. Another may be a completely different situation, but it’s not because your writing sucks. I definitely felt like giving up—on a daily basis. Lots of chocolate pushed me forward and veg’ing on the couch. Ok, seriously, it’s because I know my book is good. I want people to read it. And I’ve never felt so driven with any of my endeavors. I HAVE to be published and there’s no “NO” about it. Having other authors on my sideline, too. They were my saviors because they knew EXACTLY what I was going through.

That is exactly true! No two agents will see things the exact same way. Just like no two readers will see things the exact same way. But that's what makes it good!

7. The big call! You’re represented by Lauren Hammond of ADA Mangement Group, (Super congrats!!) What was that moment like when you got that magical offer that we all dream of?

I thought I was asleep. Really. I kept on pinching myself. Then I ran into my boss’s office and jumped around in a squealing and giggle fest. For at least two weeks I felt as though I was still sleeping. Soon I’d wake up from one of those super great dreams feeling severely disappointed. It’s like you were robbed of the best kiss ever. You know what I mean.

I know exactly what you mean. I'd also love to see the security tape of that little celebration too. I'm sure it's super funny. Hehe :)

8. I know you said that your goal for last year was to have an agent by the end of 2011 and you did! What is your goal for this year?

My goal for this year is to have a publisher if not be published. I wouldn’t mind a boyfriend, either. I’d like to say meet Zac Efron (my current famous crush), but what are the chances? haha

Being published/having a publisher is a great goal! Ah! The boyfriend! We must work on this. LOL! And Zac Efron is something you should never rule out. The world works in mysterious ways. But, we will work on that late. Next question!

9. New Years Eve was just a couple weeks ago. What was your resolution?

I didn’t really make one. Is that bad? I’m sort of still thinking about it.

Not bad at all! I didn't make one either. I figure if you never keep them, why make one?

10. If you could make one wish right now and have it come true, what would it be and why?

To meet some nice guy who wants to spend forever with me. Or to be published.

Not bad. And congrats on not making the beauty queen wish!

11. Lets say you were trapped on a deserted island and could only have three things, (either a person, food, books, whatever you wish!) What would those three things be and why?

1. Totinos pizzas – love those pizzas. Maybe I’m saying it because I just ate one for dinner

2. Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand – my favorite book. Ever! (Or another book, but I don’t want to get religious)

3. If I could fit all my family members into one person that’s who I would bring. That’s cheating, though. 

First, yum! Totinos is always a good choice! Atlas Shrugged is also another great choice. (I think I know the other book you mention.) And family! Okay, I'll let you take them all!

12. What is your guilty pleasure and why?

Sleeping in. I love sleeping. Being in a nice comfy warm bed is divine. Plus, it makes my 80 year old body feel better. :) Another thing would have to be Nutella! Numms.

Both awesome! I was just expecting chocolate. But sleep and Nutella works for me! Moving on!

13. If you could read only one book for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Atlas Shrugged, again. It is poetic beauty in story form. Read it! Love it! Never stop thinking about it!

Now you're just trying to make me read it again! LOL :)

14. Blogging is a great place for authors to reach readers. Why do you blog? What advice would you give authors who want to blog, but don't know where or how to start?

I started off blogging to get my name out there. Who knew who Julia King was back a year and a half ago—no one but my family and friends. Now people know me. Now I blog because I love it. It makes my writing better. I enjoy reaching out to people, giving them something interesting or helpful to read. If someone wants to start blogging, they need to first figure out who their audience is. At that point, target what you write to them.  Be yourself and enjoy what you write.

All wonderful advice! Especially about writing for your target audience. That is an important one!

15. Finally, what advice or words of wisdom would you like to share with my readers and the world?

If you want to write, WRITE. If you want to read, READ A LOT. If you like to write or read, look forward to reading FÉLICITÉ FOUND. Ok, that was a shameless plug. Sorry!  Also, I’ve said it once, twice, three-hundred times and I’ll say it again: SOCIAL NETWORK. You have to get your name out there. You have to find writing buddies to keep you going. It is a must and helps you learn loads to get your book(s) honed into masterpieces.

All great advice. I'd like to thank Julia again for doing this interview. If you haven't talked with her before, then you should really look her up on twitter cause not only will you love her, but you will laugh too! She's just that cute!

Thank you again, Jules!

P.S. I've decided to make post on three days a week from now on. Or at least I'm going to try! Julia is the one who gave me this idea and I thank her very much for doing so. So, look for new posts to be up on every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday! Now, happy reading and writing everyone!


  1. Awesome interview! Congrats on the agent Julia. I'm sending some seriously good vibes your way for meeting your publishing goals this year! Looking forward to reading your book(s). :)

  2. Hehe! *giggles* I feel sheepish now. Haha Thanks for posting this interview. I like your commentary. Very conversational-like. And M.R., thanks for the congrats and seriously good vibes.

    Jamie - you ROCK! Thanks again, chica!

  3. Hmmm. Your peculiar dietary habits started at around 5 y/o? Did your parents start giving you frozen peas about then?

  4. David - actually, they did feed me peas back then, just not frozen. haha BTW - this is Julia.

  5. Excellent interview! I love reading Julia's blog and it's nice to see a little bit of the person behind the writing :)