Sunday, August 14, 2011

Ray Of Light

Holding out my palm, I feel your loving embrace. Sighs escape me as I feel you kiss my face. What was once so cold is warmed in an instant. Bathed in your beauty, I sit there and listen. The whistling wind enjoys your presence, as little birds flutter and chirp in your pure innocents. I recline and take in all of your wonder. Lighting up the world as I hear distant thunder. The clouds soon hide you from my sight and draw everything into pure night. Like a hero you reappear, saving us without a tear. You are everything good and pure. That is why it is you I adore. So deliver us from the darkness and keep us safe from harm. And I will celebrate you with every passing day. Just lying her, let me count the ways.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I Run To You

Whenever I’m afraid, I run to you. I know that I am safe just being in your arms. Your love blankets me like a shelter from the storm. Just the sound of your voice says that it’ll be okay. The rhythm of your heart beating makes me want to stay. The fear slowly vanishes as I feel soft lips brush against my skin. All of it forgotten, never to be thought of again. Warm breath mingles with my ear while the words, “I love you,” are whispered as I look into your eyes. Finally I see, this is why I run to you.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Little Tear

Stored up until needed. You sit there waiting to be released. No one sees how you're special or even knows your need. Slowly you rise up and block their vision from clear sight. Then slide down leaving cool salty warmth behind. For some you are a sign of weakness. For some you are their strength. For me, you are the reason that now I can clearly think. You cleansed my soul and made me smile. Falling like a cool summer’s shower you brought me to the light. So fall like the rain whenever you want. Cause to me you are special and if you were gone I’d miss you a lot. 

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Forgotten Souls By Tiffany King: A Review

Recently I had the honor of reading the second book out of the Saving Angels Series by Tiffany King called Forgotten Souls. You can find my review for the first book in the series here. As you can see, I totally fell in love with Krista and Mark's story along with Sam and Shawn. Forgotten Souls only made me love them more!!

You can tell the growth Tiffany has gone through as a writer with how she describes the link between the Guides and their Protectors. I found myself feeling their joy and pain along every twist and turn the book led me down. Without having to say too much, even the steamy scenes made me blush as I could picture exactly what the characters were not saying.

I couldn't put this book down and even complained when I had to. I became so wrapped into the story line that even now I can't wait to read it again. Tears are still stinging my eyes from the ending, (which I will not spoil by telling you!) Forgotten Souls is one of those books that makes you want to read it until the very last page is read. I can't wait to see what book three has in store with Forgotten Souls heart clenching ending.

I'm giving this book an A+ just because I'm still wiping away tears and because it's just that good. Anybody who loves adventure, romance, and a paranormal twist should go out and pick this series up ASAP!!

You can pick up your own copy of forgotten souls at Amazon today!!
Also, don't forget to grab Meant To Be if you haven't already!! Happy writing and reading!!