Sunday, February 6, 2011

Keep It Simple Stupid!

Let me say first off that I'm not calling anyone stupid.  It's just a saying! Now that that has been said let me begin this post by saying that this is a motto that we all should live by.  I have to thank a surprise message from someone yesterday who advised me to keep it simple regarding a question in my last post about whether you should mention a book is part of a series or not.  After receiving this message it came to me that this is something that as authors we all should live by.  Keep it simple & don't over complicate things.

If when you are writing you yourself get lost then chances are that the reader will too.  It's okay to make your MS mysterious but don't go way overboard.  Fluidity is one major key in writing.  Even when writing a query you need to be fluid.  Not complicated.

When sending a query be clear and concise.  Don't be overly pushy though.  Let the agent discuss things with you and share their knowledge of the business.  After all they do do this for a living and know what they are talking about.  As long as you keep things simple when explaining your MS idea then the agent will understand what you are wanting and needing in an agent period.

Basically what everything boils down to is this. Keep it simple stupid!

Now go out there and write your heart out! But make sure to keep it simply mysterious!