Saturday, July 23, 2011

Surrounded By Fabulousness

So, as of Thursday I have finished editing my ms. Or at least this round of edits are finished. Since I sent it off to the four wonderful ladies who gracefully accepted the challenge of reading it, I've been taking a writing break. What does that mean? Lots of time to think.

I titled this post surrounded by fabulousness because I have managed to do just that. Surround myself with fabulous writers, editors, and readers who are great at what they do. Through them, I have become a better writer and reader. Amazing I know! *giggles* I wanted to take the time to introduce you all to just a few of these fabulous people that I am referring to. I cannot list them all because I'm sure blogger would freak out on me and I would never be seen or heard from again. *dramatic voice*

First I would like to introduce you to my awesome critique partner Julia King. I have had the honor of reading her first ms and I have to tell you that once she's signed with an agent and the book is published, you WILL want to go buy it ASAP! Julia, is a wonderful writer and friend. In her, I have a cheerleader and someone who I can share my nervousness with. Everyone should have a CP like her.

Second, is amazing editor, writer, and friend Cassandra Marshall. I met Cass through one of the many contests that I have participated in since joining twitter and blogger. I even won a free 10pg edit. That's where I learned that what I thought was good wasn't so hot. Cass had/has a way of saying things and opening a writers eyes. She is a fantabulous editor and I would recommend hiring her with any of your editing needs.

Speaking of editors, I would also have to recommend my good friend, Su. She has a funny sense of humor and the way she says things are classic. Her rate is just as great as Cass. So, you now have two wonderful ladies for all of your editing needs. 

Brenda Drake has also been part of the fabulous people that surround me. She was sweet enough to offer her help when I was entering a contest and is now reading my ms to give her opinion on where it's lacking. I feel blessed just to know her.

Shelley Watters, part of my Charlie's Angels of writers! She is an amazing writer and I can't wait to get my hands on Burn Me. I had to include her in this post just because I find her to be fabulous and it wouldn't be complete without her!

Brielle B. is my adopted twitter baby sister, book reviewer/blogger, and writer. She is a fabulous girl and if you're lucky enough to know her then you truly are blessed! She has a future in writing. I'm sure of it!

Tiffany King is the amazing author of Meant To Be who you've read a guest post from right here on this blog. She is an incredible woman and author. Just her saying that she loved my book was enough to make me cry. Thank you, Tiff! You're always fabulous!

This post would not and could not be complete without one person. My dear friend and twitter twin Kara Stefanowich. Thank you for being there when I needed someone to rant to and for encouraging me when my hubby wasn't around. I love you my friend and I know you will be a big name in the writing world one day!!

Last but not least, the most fabulous person I know isn't a writer or a blogger. They are my very best friend and loudest cheerleader. They love me no matter if my ms is a hit or a flop. This person is my wonderful husband. To him all I have to say is thank you and I love you more than words can say!

I would recommend following all of these fabulous ladies and hiring Cass and Su. You will not regret it! I swear! Happy writing!!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Free Substantial Edit from Amazing Editor C.A. Marshall

C.A. Marshall is hosting a free substantial edit contest on her blog. If you have paid attention to any of my tweets or even this blog, you will have seen me talking about how great Cass is. She has helped me to become a better writer though her edits. I really urge you to hire this lady ASAP. Be looking for another blog post soon that will mention Cass again. Until then, hurry up & enter her amazing contest while you still can!!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Brenda Drake's Auntie B.'s Book Club Blogfest Contest

Brenda Drake is hosting a really cool contest with her book club. I think it's really cool that she started a book club with her niece & her friends & I can't wait to hear what they & all of you think of my entry. So, here it is!

Pitch: YA Paranormal Romance where after learning not everyone is human, not even her, Taisie must embrace her soul’s past & powers along with her new friends to stop an evil force’s apocalyptic plans.

Name: The Demon Chronicles: The Black Light Of Purity
Genre: YA Paranormal Romance

First 250 Words: I actually posted 268 because I didn't want to stop mid sentence.

The Darkest Of Days

Her entire life, Taisie Monahan knew the hollow feeling of loss. Even though she had never experienced it until now, she always carried it in her heart. As her father sped the black Lincoln Town Car toward home after the funeral, her mother’s words echoed in her head as she watched the rain slide down the car’s windowpane and make little liquid trails down its length.

“Your heart is just aching for you to find that great love you left behind, dear. Don‘t worry. He‘s closer than you think”

As she climbed out of the car, the rain felt like icy daggers being driven into her fair skin. I don’t want to move! I don’t need to remember her. She’s here! It’s not like it’ll bring her back anyway. She’s dead. Her hometown isn’t going to change that fact. Why can’t he get that? She thought to herself as her blue eyes flicked up at the ever-graying evening sky and watched a lone raven glide across the silver clouds. Standing there in the winter’s storm, Taisie could swear that someone, or something, was watching her every move. The bitter wind stung her face as she glanced around in hopes of catching a glimpse of her admirer. It’s just your imagination, Tais. Get a hold of yourself.

“Taisie…go up to your room and start packing,” her dad said as he tried to hold back the tears that he had been welling up all day.

She tugged at the bottom of her black cotton dress as she turned around swiftly, making her brown hair fly wildly into the unforgiving weather.

I hope you enjoyed it & thank you in advanced for your suggestions & critiques.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Glassheart Chronicles: Short Story By Author Tiffany King: A Review

This review is not for the entire book. It is for one of the short stories that it contains within it's beautiful cover.

As I have stated before, Tiffany is one of my dearest friends. That means that I was one of the lucky few to read her contribution to this wonderful book. Let me tell you, you HAVE to read it!! It's that good.

Tiffany's short story is the prequel to her amazing hot seller Meant To Be. I received my ARC of this story today & read it in no time flat. Having loved MTB as much as I did, I had high hopes for this story. What I found was that I was not disappointed!

The story tells about Mark's parents and is told from his mother's POV. I found myself following everything that was being said and going, "So, that's what happened." It answers many things that MTB left open. Things that couldn't be included because it would've dragged it down, has now been put out there for all to see and know.

This story could have filled a book of it's own. The characters seemed to leap off the page & I felt what they were. My heart ached for Mark's mother and for Haniel. The epilogue had me in tears. Haniel's words were so beautiful and I find myself even now aching for him to show up in one of the other books along with his lady love.

I urge you all to go out and buy this book once it is released. The Glassheart Chronicles is due out in Aug 2011. With this story being just one of it's many secrets, I know it will be a must read!!

Bravo, Tiffany! You've stolen my heart once again with your wonderful characters & way with words!!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Views Of A Young Reader, Writer, & Blogger. Guest Post by Brielle B.

So, I've been meaning to ask my good friend, and adopted baby twitter sister, to do a guest post for my blog. Finally, today I got around to asking her. Not for one minute did I think that she would get to it so fast. I wasn't even sure if she'd accept my inquiry. After giving her a list of things that I wanted her to write about, I'm sure glad that she decided not to turn me down.

I will now introduce you to this awesome young lady, who may only be fourteen but has views on the world that far out do people three times her age! Ladies & gentlemen, I present to you...Brielle!

As a young reader, what draws you to certain books & turns you from others?

As for what draws me to books, I really like Paranormal YA, along with Dystopian. I'm a hopeless romantic, as well, so I completely adore when that's added in, as well.

I tend to not like realistic fiction, because one of the main reasons I read is because I like the odd things that come along with fiction. But I do like some of them.

Why do you read?

I read a lot when I was younger, so it was just a thing I enjoyed for a while. When I was a bit older, I didn't know what MG/YA were, and I was tired of the “little kid” books, so I gradually just stopped. When I moved to this new town, I was pretty shy and I didn't like talking to people, so I kept to myself. Books were my form of escapism during that time and it just stuck.

Why do you blog?

As selfish as it sounds, it's really for me. I love all of my followers and readers, but the reasons are all for my own benefit. I blog to rant, to get things off my chest, to share my opinions. I'm still surprised that people actually find my little ramblings interesting enough to want to read more.

What made you want to write?

Think about this makes me feel a little dim, but the first time I ever attempted to write something serious was in second grade. I don't remember much. I didn't realize that I was writing. I just sat in front of a computer and started to type out a story. I think it was about my best friend and I, but we were twins and loved to cook. We were going to win a cooking competition and we had awesome cars and I punched her in the face while sleep walking. It was pretty strange.

It's subconscious, I guess. When I was little, I would love telling my father stories about being out in the yard and meeting a talking bunny who wanted me to help search for his pocket watch, because he was terrified of being late (Bet you have no clue who that is..) or being kidnapped by bandits and fighting them off, running away, and meeting a boy who helped me get home.

Your experiences with writing?

Like I said, it's always been there. I like to think it was meant to be, that I was just made to do it.

I remember that I had this idea floating around in my head and it wouldn't leave me alone. This was sixth grade year, and I was bored and I just started typing, like last time. It was really awful. I didn't use spell check, and I wasn't that great with the rules of grammar. But I, at the time, thought it was really awesome and I let my friend read it. She, of course, said it was great.

I had a ball with all of that. I was pretty naive, having no clue how publishing worked at all. I made my friend my agent and she read everything I wrote and just told me it was great. I didn't mind that at all, but it wasn't helping.

I quit writing that, for some reason. I got frustrated or something. But my music teacher brought up something that they did in high school, which was writing books for small kids. I lit up, because I already had “experience” with that. I told all my friends, who were equally excited about reading it as my previously mentioned “agent.” I picked it back up and started letting my friends read it. One friend, who is now my best friend and writing buddy, saw something in it. For a while, she read everything I wrote. I don't know if she had any writing experiences previously, but, one day, she randomly brought up something she was working on. She asked me to read it. From then on, we've exchanged writing.

I'd like to say that we've gotten a lot better since then.

I've picked up a lot of things, only to get frustrated or think of a new, better idea. I'd put that one down, start working on the next, and pick up something else. Now that I have people over the internet reading it, and, dare I say it, a few fans, I don't think I'm allowed to put this one down. I really think that's what I needed to keep me going: just someone to read it, but not because they had to.

Your experiences with reading?

Almost always positive. Books are such lovely things. I have a lot of trouble not liking a book once I pick it up.

I don't even remember the first book I read, but I'm sure I liked it.

Any advice you want to give?

Don't give up. Ever. If someone tells you that you're too young, or too dumb, or too anything, you just prove them wrong. Write. Read. Do what you love.

Also, don't be that person who's like, “Oh, you're a writer? You're doing what I always wanted to do! I used to write all the time!” I mean, seriously? WRITE THE BOOK.

I love Brielle's view point on things. I have found someone in her that reminds me of myself at her age. That makes me believe that she is very special. But I'm also partial! LOL! I want to thank you so much for doing this post, Bri! You did wonderful!!

You can Brielle on twitterbook review blog, & her writer's blog. I encourage you all to check out her blogs ASAP! She truly is an amazing writer & young old soul!!

Now, happy writing everyone!!