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Friday, December 16, 2011

Life Is Just A Bowl Full Of...

Queries! Yep, you saw it right. Life is just a bowl full of queries! Lately, I finally began sending out queries for my first time. I've been taking it very seriously and checking, double checking, and even triple checking each one before my hand shakily clicks the send button along with my soul sending up a prayer that this agent sees/feels/hears my MC's voice and what I was trying to do and makes that magical offer. Then I obsessively check my email hoping for a response. (I think we all do this. At least, I hope so.)

So, today my little email notification was blue when I turned on my laptop. I had it set for my professional email, so my heart took up a new speedy pace as I clicked on it and sent up a little prayer. I've heard all kinds of stories from people who've had what they describe as nightmare rejections that tore them a part, (I'm hoping they were just being overly dramatic and it really wasn't that bad) along with stories of those who've had nice rejections that made them cry, but they moved on. That was the one I was hoping for. So, when I opened the message I found a very inspiring, nice, made me smile rejection staring back at me. The agent did one thing that my friends couldn't do with a no. She made me smile while rejecting me. Odd. I know. But that's when I realized something.

Life is just like querying. You go through life putting yourself out there, hoping to be accepted and when you're not, you're either crushed or uplifted by the rejection. I want to think this unnamed agent for being the uplifting part of my day. Don't let rejection push you down. Let it lift you up into being brighter than you were before. This agent, to me, is like a Christmas angel. Where they could've said something that could've made me cry, they said exactly what they thought while making me smile. So, smile when you're rejected. Know that even though you're being rejected by one person that another is right around the corner that may do the same thing or accept you for who you are. Don't be afraid to send out those queries in fear of rejection! For it's through rejection that we find the light that is acceptance! Find it in yourself and soon you'll find it in the eyes of someone else!

Happy reading, writing, Holidays and Merry Christmas everybody!!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

C.A. Marshall's Editing Advent 2011!

Okay, I've been meaning to blog about my wonderful friend, C.A. Marshall's Editing Advent and have failed totally until now! If you haven't noticed, I'm kinda a huge fan of Cass and her editing/writing. In fact, I recommend her all of the time to anybody looking for an amazing editor or cover artist.

Go check out her blog ASAP for a chance to win one of her awesome prizes!! I promise that you won't be sorry!! Happy reading/writing everybody!!

The Ascended by Tiffany King: A Review

I was one of the lucky few to get to read an ARC of one of my favorite authors Tiffany King's latest books, The Ascended (The Saving Angels Series book #3) (If you'd like to read my review of Meant To Be or Forgotten Souls, click the links and also check out Amazon for both amazing books!!)

The Ascended is the third and last book in the Saving Angels Series and picks up two months after the end of Forgotten Souls. We are left still with Krista's heartbreak over Mark's betrayal and her determination to find her lost link and save him from what he feared most.

Sam, Shawn, Lynn, and Robert along with Haniel and the other bands come together to aid Krista on her mission. Along the way, you learn of the changes Krista's abilities have taken since she and Mark were parted while seeing a new side to the handsomely stoic archangel, Haniel.

The Ascended took me everywhere that a fantasy adventure is supposed to. I felt Krista's sorrow along with her strength. I found myself dying to know what would happen next. So much so that I finished the entire book the same day I received it in less than five hours!

By the end of The Ascended, I was a ball of tears. Happy and sad all at once. Krista and Mark's ending along with Haniel's and the missing Links got to my heart and I had to re-read the entire book all over again just to get another cry!

I give this book an A+ because it had everything I was expecting it to have along with things I didn't consider at all!! I will recommend this book and the entire series to anyone who loves fantasy, adventure, and romance because Tiffany has it all right there for all to love! All in all, great job!!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Ascended Blog Hop: Interview with Haniel

Archangel Haniel has resided in the heavenly realm since the days Noah walked the earth. He stands at an imposing 7’1” tall with a body even Adonis would envy. His golden hair and ocean blue eyes have made him a heartthrob for every female that has been blessed with the opportunity to catch a glimpse of him. He posses the knowledge and wisdom fitting his centuries in existence, but still lacks an understanding of the human sense of humor. In his many lifetimes among human beings, he has loved only one woman. He can often be found meditating, enjoying the wondrous beauty of the heavenly realm.

So, when Tiffany allowed me to be a part of this amazing tour, she sent a list of things everyone could do. One in particular caught my eye and I prayed that would be mine! (Can you guess which one it was? hehe) Don't get me wrong, I'd love to have any of them, but this was the one that caught my eye! I warn you, this post will be fun and there will be points you think I'm crazy. But I think it makes it more enjoyable! So, here it is!

Before The Interview

The moment Tiffany told me that I was going to get to interview Haniel, I became excited and nervous. I mean, it's not everyday you get to interview an angel! Not to mention one that is as hot as Haniel! I mean, you see the picture!! *fans self*

I arrived at our agreed meeting spot early and waited patiently for him to arrive. Boy was I shocked to see him already setting there, waiting for me!! I walked over and sat down coolly and after a few silent minutes, the interview began.

The Interview

First off, I'd like to thank you for answering my questions, Haniel. I know you're very busy with things, so I'll get right down to the interview. 

1. So, What do you think about Tiffany King? Do you like her writing?
Tiffany King is a creative writer and a kind soul. She just needs to be reminded to stay on task and let the story follow the path it was meant for :o)

2. What's the other side like?
Words cannot describe the heavenly realm. The Light gave us everything earth could have been if only humans would have respected the gift they were given.

3. If you could be anybody or anything else, who or what would you be and why? 
My only desire is to be who I am. There was a time, that I would have traded my place in heaven in order to be a Protector. That desire died many earth cycles ago.

4. Have you had any steamy moments? ;)
Steamy moments? I am unsure of this question. I once had to step into the space The Dark One inhabits and yes the heat was quite steamy. Is that what you are meaning by your question?

5. How do you feel about being a sex symbol now that so many of us girls/women have fallen for you?
I am amazed that human women find my appearance so appealing on the earthly realm. I, myself feel that my form on the heavenly realm is much more appealing. It would seem they appreciate the body I have conjured up.

6. Do you think Mark's really with his dad or is he just tricking him? Why?
These things, I am unsure of. The Dark One has shrouded Victor and Mark well, making it hard for The Light to see through. 

7. Are you going to be a bigger part of The Ascended?
My role in The Ascended is strong. Krista requires my assistance a great deal in this junction of her life and I take my duties seriously. I will not let another Guide down when they need me the most.

8. Who's the love of your life and why?
Love is a human emotion that confuses me the most. I believe, I now have a better understanding of it but I feel uncomfortable sharing it, until I am sure.

9. I sense a little chemistry between you and Krista. What's really going on there?
Krista’s soul appeals to me and draws me to be with her but her soul is eclipsed by another. My job is simple; I must protect Krista and help her embrace the new role The Light has given her.

10. Can you give us a little peek into what's going to happen in The Ascended?
The Ascended is a non-stop journey. Tiffany leads us through one climatic event after another as Krista finally begins to understand who she truly is.

11. What do you want most?
I would like to spend my days in the heavenly realm watching over what I once let down. 

12. If you could make one wish and have it come true, what would it be?
It is sinful to wish for something The Light never intended for me to have.

13. Are you going to finally tell Jenna how you feel?
I am unsure of what you mean. I have not spoken to Jenna since she joined us in the heavenly realm.

14. Tell me a secret.
I once yearned for something that did not belong to me.
15. Is there anything you'd like to tell my readers or the world? Any advice or words of wisdom?
Always listen to what your soul has to say. The soul is the greatest gift The Light could ever give.

Thank you once again, Haniel. I really appreciate you taking the time to answer my questions.
Thank you for having me. Your questions were unusual and I am unsure where you got your information but it was still a pleasure to be here.

I thanked him again and reached down to put my things away. When I looked back up, he was gone. I now know that I will never be the same after being in the presence of someone such as Haniel. I want to thank him again for answering my questions, even though I'm sure he knew more than he claimed. Also, I want to thank Tiffany for setting this all up.

Thank you all for reading this interview. Be sure to comment for a chance to win!! Also, don't forget there's another hop tomorrow!! Happy reading & writing!!

Now for the good stuff the prizes:

1) Regular prizes: Every 3 days, I will pull the names of people that have left comments on the previous 3 blogs and will do a random drawing for an ebook of one of The Saving Angels books. Over the course of the 24 day blog hop 8 ebooks will be given out.

2) Grand Prizes: For every person that leaves a comment on one of the blogs they will be entered in to win a signed poster of one of my book covers. 3 posters in all will be given out (one of each of the book covers). I will also be giving away a signed set of all three books so you will have 4 different chances to win a grand prize. Extra entries will be given out for every blog you leave a comment on, so if you visit all 24 blogs you will have 24 entries into the grand prize drawing (eek). 

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The Twelve Days of Christmas Blogoversary Contest Winners!

We have winners!!

The judges and I had loads of fun hopping around the blogs and reading all of your entries. Sadly, a few didn't get theirs up in time, but I appreciate you signing up and trying anyway!! There were list made and we checked them twice. Then came the arguing. After hours of talking and laughing, we finally had an agreement!

And here are our winners!!

First place: Upon A Dream by: Brielle B.

Second place: A Funny Christmas (We kept calling it this, so that's why I named it that. Sorry!) by: Christy Lee

Third place: The Love Story (Another one we named. Sorry for naming your story!) by: Camille

Everyone did a wonderful job and made it almost impossible to choose! A few entries got stuck in widget hell, and for that I'm sorry. But we did check you out & you were judged (As our comment told you)!! Thank you all so much for entering!!

As for the winners: Email me with your choice of prizes in order of what you want most and so on. First place will get first choice just as second place will get second. If you don't have my email, DM me on twitter and I will give it to you!

Congrats to you all and Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!

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The Ascended Blog Hop

So, I promised in my last post for another post to come. Here it is!! I feel so special and lucky to be participating in the amazing author Tiffany King's blog hop. My part is especially one of my favorites!! Thank you, Tiff for letting me be a part of this wonderful tour!!

I want to let you all know that if you comment on my post or any of the posts in the tour, you will be registered for amazing prizes! Below you will get all the details. Now, I'll let Tiffany tell you herself about this awesome tour set around the third book in her wonderful book series The Saving Angels Series!!

The Ascended Blog Hop

The time has finally come for The Ascended Blog Hop. I am super excited that I was able to talk/coerce so many great blogs into being a part of my 24 days blog hop. 
Each blog will be doing different things to help keep things from being bland, since I don’t want to bore you (Hehehe).

Now for the good stuff the prizes:

1) Regular prizes (boring): Every 3 days, I will pull the names of people that have left comments on the previous 3 blogs and will do a random drawing for an ebook of one of The Saving Angels books. Over the course of the 24 day blog hop 8 ebooks will be given out.

2) Grand Prizes (woot woot): For every person that leaves a comment on one of the blogs they will be entered in to win a signed poster of one of my book covers. 3 posters in all will be given out (one of each of the book covers). I will also be giving away a signed set of all three books so you will have 4 different chances to win a grand prize. Extra entries will be given out for every blog you leave a comment on, so if you visit all 24 blogs you will have 24 entries into the grand prize drawing (eek). 

Easy peasy right?? I can’t wait to see you guys at the different stops. I’m curious to see what you think of some of the stuff I have in store. Listed below is links to all the blogs The Ascended Tour will hit:

December 4th Courtney Cole
December 5th M Leighton
December 7th Nichole Chase
December 8th Two Chicks on Books
December 9th The Autumn Review
December 10th Shelly Crane
December 11th ME!!! Stop by this blog on the 11th for an awesome interview!!
December 12th Jennifer Snyder
December 13th Devyn Dawson
December 14th Laura Elliot
December 15th Fiktshun
December 16th Bookish Babes
December 17th Tess Watson
December 18th Megan Duncan
December 19th Hey it's Fishy
December 20th Abbi Glines
December 21st C A Kunz
December 22nd Teenage Reader
December 24th Michelle Muto
December 25th Christmas Day
December 26th Amy Jones
December 27th Fisher Amelie
December 28th John Harden
December 29th Sean Hayden

Remember to stop back by here on the 11th for a very special interview with someone I think you all will love as much as I do! And don't forget that the hop starts TODAY!! So, hop around and get glimpses into The Ascended and so much more!! Happy reading & writing!!

Friday, December 2, 2011

NaNoWriMo Winner

So, I've been pretty busy lately. As I mentioned earlier, I've been away writing the month of November away. What did I get in the end for all of my blood, sweat, and tears? Well, besides the flu...a 50K word wip that needs much work to be shiny and query worthy. I'm not complaining. In fact, I'm very thankful for NaNo because it is the reason that I finally decided to work on the idea that I'd pushed back for so long. I found the excitement that I had forgotten about. I found the story again!!

I know this is a short post, but rest assure that there will be another one coming soon. I just wanted to let you know how NaNo went for me. (I won!) and also mention that I am finally about to query my first novel. I know that I'd mentioned before about querying it, but after talking with some very wise people, I held back to revise and edit and am now finally ready to send it out into the world. I will keep you all updated on what happens. *fingers crossed*

How did all of you do with NaNo? Are you querying or have you? Any exciting news to share? I'd love to hear from you all! And don't forget to sign up for my contest here while there's still time! Happy writing!!

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The Twelve Days of Christmas Blogoversary Contest!

This video brought to you by the awesomeness that is Brenda Drake and C.A. Marshall

I am so happy to announce my blogoversary contest with awesome prizes! So, my blogoversary is actually Dec. 14th, but I'll be deep into holiday family time by then so I decided to do it now. It's like an early Christmas present!

Here's what you have to do:
Sign up on the widget below and leave a comment. Then from today until Dec. 9th, write a 1000 words or less flash fiction that includes all of the gifts from the 12 Days of Christmas! It doesn't have to follow the song, just have them in there however you like. Then hop around to each other's blog and critique or comment. Along with some special judges, I will be hopping around reading and picking out our favorites and on Dec. 10th, we will post our 3 winners!

Of course you knew there was going to be prizes! 1st place will get to choose which prize they prefer. 2nd place will get to choose between the last two prizes. And 3rd place will get the last prize. I promise that all prizes are great, so don't worry!

By the they are!!

A $35 Gift Certificate from editor extraordinaire, CA Marshall! If you haven't heard of her, let me say she is the best! I've used Cass and I can't say enough great things about her! She turned my writing from 'eh to Oh wow!

Meant To Be by the amazing author Tiffany King! This is the first book out of the Saving Angels series. You can find my review of this amazing book here. I promise once you read this book, you'll want Forgotten Souls and the up coming The Ascended ASAP!

The wonderful Amber Kallyn has offered the choice of either 1 Dragos ebook (PDF) or she will send swag/RTC! I don't know how you will choose!! Amber is an amazing author that I'm sure you will enjoy getting to know through her writing!

With all of these terrific prizes, I don't know how you will choose cause I know that I couldn't!!

In Case you forgot what the gifts were from the song, here they are!

12 Drummers Drumming

11 Pipers Pipping

10 Lords A Leaping

9 Ladies Dancing

8 Maids A Milking

7 Swans A Swimming

6 Geese A Laying


4 Colly Birds

3 French Hens

2 Turtle Doves

And a Partridge in a Pear Tree!!!

Happy Thanksgiving! Merry Christmas!! And good luck!!! I look forward to seeing what you come up with!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Blog Tour de Troops: A Huge Thank You!!

This is a special post to thank each and every one of you who stopped by and commented on my post for Tour de Troops. Your comments made sure that over 20 soldiers will receive a free ebook to enjoy. Most of you donated your free copy of Sand, and that brought tears to my eyes. Your kindness has let me know that this world still has good in it and I thank you for that.

List of thank you's and why:
Lili Tufel: The awesome author of Sand. Also the one who asked me to join this amazing tour. Thank you, Lili for thinking of me! This was the best tour ever!!

Christy: Thank you for all of the RT's and for tweeting every celeb you could. I swear, you'd be a great stalker for somebody! JK LOL Everything you did truly made my day. Thank you!!

Kara: Thank you for all of the RT's also. Your constant threats sent a few scared souls this way and giggles from my heart. With you and Christy working those angles, people should be very scared of Team Krambo! LOL. Thank you!!

Rachel: Thank you for the RT's and for also tweeting and working to get comments. All of your help was much appreciated.

Tina: Thank you for the RT's and for tweeting about the tour. Also for coming back to comment when blogger gave you trouble. That truly meant a lot.

To every one who commented: Thank you!! That one small act sent one or two free books to the troops! You all are angels in my eyes! Thank you!!

Now for the Celebs!!
(Yes! We got Celeb RT's!)

Steven WeberDule HillElayne BooslerGeno CarterMaxxSureshClaude BouchardChristian BlairRenna StonebridgeLeo Thomas McGarryJosiah Bartlet, and Jerrad Vunovich. Although not all are A-list, they are in my heart. Thank you for RT-ing the tour. That small act did more than you know.

Thank you for all that you do for us. You fight for our freedom and for our rights. You're not thanked enough for what you do. I pray that you all come home safely and while you are away that you remain well. I hope that the books bring you joy when the sky is gray. God bless you all!!

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Blog Tour de Troops: Review of Lili Tufel's Sand

I feel so blessed to be one of the reviewers of Lili Tufel's amazing book Sand for the Tour de Troops. If you haven't heard of this amazing tour before, let me tell you how wonderful it is. For every comment given, an ebook will be sent to one of our brave service men and women for them to enjoy. A lucky few will even receive a Kindle. Also, if you leave your email address, you will receive a free copy of Sand for yourself!

Wait! You say you already own Sand? Then donate your free ebook to a lucky service man/woman! Just comment below and mention that you want to donate your copy of Sand and Lili will gladly send it to a lucky service person who will thank you for doing so!

Thank you for visiting my blog and please feel free to leave a comment even if you already own Sand. I'm sure our Armed Service Members will thank you for doing so as much as Lili and I do. Also, check out Lili's blog for the other reviewers. Follow Lili and I on twitter also for more awesomeness to come!

Sand by Lili Tufel: A Review

If you read any review for Sand you will see how nobody could put it down until they were done. I found this to be completely true! Lili has a way of making the characters come to life and have their own personalities. When the settings changed, it happened quite naturally. Never once was I confused & that is a very important thing for me as a reader.

Lili is very gifted. I found myself waking up and wanting to read Sand even when I was done. I was invested in the characters and their lives. Dallas and Abby are written in a way that made me believe that they were real.The ending was a surprise that I didn't see coming either. This book, to me, is a must read. 

Here is what Lili says about Sand in her own words:
Dallas is a Special Forces Lieutenant who is driven by his promise to protect the Colonel’s daughter Abby from an opium drug lord. He is torn between duty and his love for her and when he discovers that the drug lord's charming—murderous son has befriended Abby, there's no limit to how far he is willing to go to protect her.

Lili Tufel has a promising career ahead of her. Sand is a wonderful book for a debuting author. I encourage anybody who wants an action adventure novel to read to pick up Sand ASAP! Bravo Lili! I'm giving Sand a solid A+.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

NaNoWriMo: Week One

So we're one week into NaNoWriMo and I'm feeling great! I've set a word goal of 2,000 words a day for my project, leaving enough time to work on my ms/queries/synopsis and also family time! The thing I've found is that I always seem to pass my goal without any trouble at all. Right now I'm setting at just over 20,000 words out of 50K!

I've seen that some of you are doing NaNo this year, and we have become buddies (Yay!) The reason I decided to participate was not only for the amazingly fun Word Wars that I have been in with some amazing ladies, but also to see if I could write something in a month that I'd actually love. So far, I'm loving it. I have to admit that I didn't expect that.

Now I'm curious about all of you NaNoer's out there. Why are you doing it? Have fun! Happy writing!!


Stop by my blog on the 13th to read my review of the lovely book Sand by Lili Tufel for Tour de Troops! While you're here, leave a comment with you email address to receive a free ebook of Sand. Also, a service man/woman will receive a free ebook because of your comment! Already own Sand, donate your copy to a lucky service person. I'm sure they'll be glad to have it!!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

It's NaNoWriMo Time!!

So, as I mentioned in my last post, I am participating in this year's NaNoWriMo! This is my first year of participating, and between me and you, I'm super nervous/excited about it. For those who don't know, I'm basically, (Everybody doing it is also,) trying to write a 50,000 word novel in 30 days. If I do it, I will get a certificate, a winner's badge for my blog, be put on the winner's list, and also have a full book that will take me months of revisions to get ready for submission. Sounds crazy right? I'm just crazy enough to think it's fun!

Those who know me, know that I NEVER outline before writing a story. My muse just doesn't work that way. She says that there are too many plot bunnies out to get her, so she refuses to give me her plan. (I really believe she doesn't have one and is just winging it, but I digress. LOL) 

So, I picked my NaNo project from a list I've been writing for years. The idea is one I've been kicking around for around 2yrs. I'm super excited about it too. While talking with my hubby, who I am doing NaNo with (Big round of applause for him for writing his first book! Super proud wife!) I sat down and wrote a character outline. It shocked me that I actually did it. The thing I realized was that I actually needed it! This little list of character traits will help in the long run.

Come back around in a week or two for a taste. Also, stop by before then because I just might have a few surprises on here. How many of you are doing NaNo? Do you make outlines or fly by the seat of your pants like me? What is your writing method? I'd love to hear how others work.

Happy writing everybody! And good luck to all of those doing NaNo this year!!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Silence: A Special Short Story Just For Halloween

So, I was trying to figure out something to do for a post this week since it's Halloween weekend almost everywhere. (I know Halloween's actually Monday, but most people are trick-or-treating as I type this.) After a little thought I came up with this. A short story that I hope you all enjoy. And don't forget to come back for updates on my NaNo project! Happy Halloween everybody!!


Pink mixed with violet while a slice of orange hung low in the evening sky. Laughter danced on the delicate breeze that weaved its way through the multicolored trees. She sat silently in the distance. Watching. Listening. Observing all that he did. A slight smile crept along her lips as he exited the park headed for home.

Sweeping her raven locks into a pony tail that was soon to be hidden under a coal hoodie, she ditched her solace and took her place behind him. Her cold gold eyes bore into his muscular back as she jogged behind him, making sure never to get close enough for him to know she was there.

He stopped once or twice to look around him, but she was smart enough to slip behind something just in time to keep from his sight. When he would turn back around she'd do the same while mumbling, “Stupid boy.”

Suddenly, she noticed he was gone. Glancing around frantically, his tanned body was nowhere to be seen. Her eyes narrowed as she ground her teeth. Somehow he'd found a way to escape her.

The orange faded into the darkened denim sky as she turned vowing to return to her post tomorrow. With fist clenched, her long legs stomped up the street back to where she'd come from. That's when she spotted him.

Cocking her head to one side, she whispered, “What are you up to?” She stayed silent as she snuck up behind him. She watched as his sandy blond hair that she once loved so much played with the night's cool breeze. Her heart skidded to a stop when she heard his deep voice speaking to something as he knelt down to look at it.

“I'm so sorry, Becky. It should've been me.” Tears streaked down his face as she walked around him to get a better look and forgetting to keep herself hidden. She had vowed to make him pay for what he had done, but hearing him cry made her want to change her mind.

Seeing her grave, Becky closed her eyes. It was an accident. What have I been doing? John loved...loves me. When she allowed them to reopen, she made her decision. Placing a hand on his strong shoulder, she whispered, “It's okay,” as her tears freed themselves from her ghostly eyes.

“I'm so sorry. But you were going to tell. I couldn't risk that. I'll live with it for the rest of my life. Please forgive me, Becky? Please?”

Anger shot through her as the last night of her life flashed before her eyes. She saw John's tanned hands wrapped around her throat as her eyes focused on the liquid lemon Halloween moon that mocked her gasping pleas for him to stop. She felt the sear from his iron grip around her fragile throat as the last breath of life fled from her lungs.

As he begged for her forgiveness one last time, Becky found her ghostly voice and shouted, “Go to hell!”

Turning around slowly with his brown eyes wide, John stuttered, “B—B—Becky? Is that you?”

Her eyes stared daggers at him as a smirk graced her face while responding flatly, “Yep.”

“How? Why? What are you going to do to me?”

Twisting a lock of her silky hair, she playfully touched his nose. “How about we have some fun?”

John's eyes widened again. “Fun?”

“Yeah. How about we play a game someone taught me called Silence?” She watched with glee as realization registered on his once youthful face. “Wanna know how to play?” When John shook his head no, she added, “Oh, that's right! You're the one who taught me the rules!”

She walked around him as he stayed frozen in place. Becky had to admit that she loved having power over him for once. As she faced him once again, she allowed her silky voice to be laced with the venom he deserved to hear while saying, “So, Silence begins with a little Halloween murder. So I guess you're safe.”

John allowed a little breath to escape him as his skin began refilling with color. Becky began walking away and then stopped, spinning around with a huge smile on her ruby red lips. “Oh, wait! I forgot! In my world, it's Halloween everyday!”

Flying through the air just as an electric bolt of lightning crashed through the sky, Becky stood nose to nose with her killer. Eyes lighting up with a ghostly light, she placed a finger to her lips while saying, “Shhhh,” just as John's screams echoed through the still night's air.

Happy Halloween everybody! See you during NaNo! Happy writing!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Entry For Brenda Drake's Can You Leave Us Breathless Contest

Hello readers! Once again, I have entered one of Brenda Drake's awesome contest. This time I have to post a 300 word excerpt of one of my works. I went through my ms and then decided to write something special for the contest. After writing my excerpt, I decided to write a wip around it. So stay tuned for that.

Now, for my entry!

Title: A Night To Remember

Michael’s lips traced up Lila's neck. Her body began to shake as his strong hands wandered from her waist, down her hips, then back up just below her chest. Her nails dug into his tanned back just as he lifted her in the air in one swift motion. Her shapely legs wound around his muscular waist while her arms rested around his neck as he carried up the stairs without any trouble at all.

Her fingers tangled in his raven curls as his steel arms released her body, allowing her to fall gently to the silky sheets of her king size bed. Lila moaned as Michael’s body crashed into hers and sent shock-waves throughout her senses with every motion he made.

“Are you sure about this, Lila?” He had stopped just short of sealing the deal and was now staring down at her in a way that made her heart flutter like a thousand butterflies were locked in her chest.

Searching his golden eyes, she whispered, “Yes. I love you, Michael.” It was the first time she'd noticed the little creases around his eyes from squinting so much while working in the sun for so many years. To Lila, they didn't say he was older, it was just one more thing that made him irresistible.

Michael’s mouth crashed into hers before he could change his mind. Lila clutched the sheet as she felt Michael ushering her from girlhood into being a woman. Her nails met his flesh making him growl just as her back arched sending fireworks throughout her tiny frame.

“What was that?”

Her ice eyes searched the blackness as she listened intently for the sound that made her push him away. Rising up, she could hear the distant thudding of heavy boots meeting the hardwood floor. Closer and closer they came until finally they stopped just as the door swung open to sound of Lila's bloodcurdling scream.

I hope you enjoyed it! And go check out all of the other entries over at Brenda's Blog! Happy Halloween, reading, and writing!!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The 5 Stages Of Revising

After receiving notes back from one of my CP's and betas, I have begun the process of revising my ms again. Their advice has been tough, honest, and exactly what I needed to kick my ms into what it needs to be. The thing is, I found something strange while going through this process. Revisions are a lot like dealing with grief. I'm not saying that the two are the same. That is far from being true. But any author who has dealt with the nasty revision process can tell you that you do in fact go through the same stages. Below you will find the 5 stages of revising through this writer's eyes.

Stage 1. Denial: "What are they talking about? This is totally fine. They must be crazy!"
Yes, I have said this. In fact, it was during my first round of revisions and before I met my CP's and betas. (The crazy person by the way would be my husband. I'm sorry for saying it now, but his advice was hard to hear at the time.) The point I'm making here is, we all go through the denial process. We all think something about our ms is fine even though others are saying otherwise. Once you push past this phase and accept that they're/we're not trying to hurt you, the better off your ms will be. I promise!

Stage 2. Anger: "Why don't they get it? Why are they coming after me? It's like they're jealous!" Or "Why did I write this crap? It sucks!"
I've never said the first one, but I have a friend who did. Yes, The second one is me. I have been angry. But it was at myself for writing something that wasn't up to my standards. The thing I've learned is that anger comes along with the job of being an author. Not everyday will be all, "Oh! This is totally good!" Most days will be, "What was I thinking?" Come to terms with this and make your life a lot easier. Accept the anger and find ways to deal with it that won't effect the people you love. My favorite thing is to listen to music or watch something that makes me laugh. Do whatever works best for you.

Stage 3. Bargaining: "I'll give you my first born if you won't suck!"
*giggles* I admit it. I have offered my first born (whenever I have one) to an ms before if only it wouldn't suck. Unfortunately for it, the ms still sucks to this day and has never been seen by another's eyes. I've heard many people pleading for this exact thing, (Not sucking. Not my first born, silly) and until the end of words will continue doing it. Bargaining will do nothing to help your ms shine. Only hard work can do that. But it may make you feel better if you do it. So, make all the bargains you want. Just as long as it's nothing that will actually happen. Like unicorns taking over the earth or something.

Stage 4. Depression: "I'm a horrible writer. Why should I even bother finishing it when it sucks so much?"
Ah, I know this stage well. I've went through it many times with this ms and will see it with many others I'm sure. I've cried and just sat around not writing. Then my hubby, CP's, or another writer friend will say something that shows me that I'm only seeing the shadows and not the light that is the heartbeat of what I love to do. When you reach this stage, and you will, find what made you love writing. And realize that being depressed isn't going to help anything. Once again, that's something only hard work will do! Now, smile!!

And finally, Stage 5. Acceptance: "I can do this! This will be THE ONE! I can feel it!"
Once you accept that your CP's, betas, or whoever critiqued your work isn't trying to hurt you and your ms doesn't suck, you will see everything more clearly. I've been through the other stages and have seen the light. I've been here for a while actually. Sure, there are times I get down; but everybody does. Once I accept that it's just words and I have the power to change them, the more I smile and write. Accepting help is a good thing as well as accepting what is wrong with your ms will help you fix it. Once you reach this stage, a weight will be lifted and the words will flow again. I'm so happy to be at this stage. It feels good.

Now that you know the 5 stages of revising, I hope it makes your revision process go easier. Know you're not alone when you go through any of these stages. We all feel this way one time or another. It's all how you deal with it is what counts. Now, happy writing my lovely followers!!