Friday, December 16, 2011

Life Is Just A Bowl Full Of...

Queries! Yep, you saw it right. Life is just a bowl full of queries! Lately, I finally began sending out queries for my first time. I've been taking it very seriously and checking, double checking, and even triple checking each one before my hand shakily clicks the send button along with my soul sending up a prayer that this agent sees/feels/hears my MC's voice and what I was trying to do and makes that magical offer. Then I obsessively check my email hoping for a response. (I think we all do this. At least, I hope so.)

So, today my little email notification was blue when I turned on my laptop. I had it set for my professional email, so my heart took up a new speedy pace as I clicked on it and sent up a little prayer. I've heard all kinds of stories from people who've had what they describe as nightmare rejections that tore them a part, (I'm hoping they were just being overly dramatic and it really wasn't that bad) along with stories of those who've had nice rejections that made them cry, but they moved on. That was the one I was hoping for. So, when I opened the message I found a very inspiring, nice, made me smile rejection staring back at me. The agent did one thing that my friends couldn't do with a no. She made me smile while rejecting me. Odd. I know. But that's when I realized something.

Life is just like querying. You go through life putting yourself out there, hoping to be accepted and when you're not, you're either crushed or uplifted by the rejection. I want to think this unnamed agent for being the uplifting part of my day. Don't let rejection push you down. Let it lift you up into being brighter than you were before. This agent, to me, is like a Christmas angel. Where they could've said something that could've made me cry, they said exactly what they thought while making me smile. So, smile when you're rejected. Know that even though you're being rejected by one person that another is right around the corner that may do the same thing or accept you for who you are. Don't be afraid to send out those queries in fear of rejection! For it's through rejection that we find the light that is acceptance! Find it in yourself and soon you'll find it in the eyes of someone else!

Happy reading, writing, Holidays and Merry Christmas everybody!!


  1. Congratulations, Jamie. That just means you're one step closer to finding the right agent. This agent has no idea what he/she just rejected. Oh well, his/her loss. Someone else will be very grateful for that. Love you! {hugs}

  2. Thank you, Christy! I actually love them for what they did! I'm even going to query them again when my next wip is ready for submission. That's how awesome they are! :)

  3. Yes, I thought of the rejections as a good thing. It meant that an agent ACTUALLY considered my book! After lots and lots of rejections, I just brushed em off my shoulder and kept going. It was amazing how the first handful, maybe 20ish, rejections, I didn't think anything about em anymore. Life is like a box of queries. Ya gotta love em. hehe

    Great post!

  4. Yay! I wish you all the very best :D