Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Twelve Days of Christmas Blogoversary Contest Winners!

We have winners!!

The judges and I had loads of fun hopping around the blogs and reading all of your entries. Sadly, a few didn't get theirs up in time, but I appreciate you signing up and trying anyway!! There were list made and we checked them twice. Then came the arguing. After hours of talking and laughing, we finally had an agreement!

And here are our winners!!

First place: Upon A Dream by: Brielle B.

Second place: A Funny Christmas (We kept calling it this, so that's why I named it that. Sorry!) by: Christy Lee

Third place: The Love Story (Another one we named. Sorry for naming your story!) by: Camille

Everyone did a wonderful job and made it almost impossible to choose! A few entries got stuck in widget hell, and for that I'm sorry. But we did check you out & you were judged (As our comment told you)!! Thank you all so much for entering!!

As for the winners: Email me with your choice of prizes in order of what you want most and so on. First place will get first choice just as second place will get second. If you don't have my email, DM me on twitter and I will give it to you!

Congrats to you all and Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!

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  1. Thank you, Jamie! I enjoyed this contest very much. Congrats to Brielle and Camille. Looking forward to the next one. :D