Saturday, October 29, 2011

Silence: A Special Short Story Just For Halloween

So, I was trying to figure out something to do for a post this week since it's Halloween weekend almost everywhere. (I know Halloween's actually Monday, but most people are trick-or-treating as I type this.) After a little thought I came up with this. A short story that I hope you all enjoy. And don't forget to come back for updates on my NaNo project! Happy Halloween everybody!!


Pink mixed with violet while a slice of orange hung low in the evening sky. Laughter danced on the delicate breeze that weaved its way through the multicolored trees. She sat silently in the distance. Watching. Listening. Observing all that he did. A slight smile crept along her lips as he exited the park headed for home.

Sweeping her raven locks into a pony tail that was soon to be hidden under a coal hoodie, she ditched her solace and took her place behind him. Her cold gold eyes bore into his muscular back as she jogged behind him, making sure never to get close enough for him to know she was there.

He stopped once or twice to look around him, but she was smart enough to slip behind something just in time to keep from his sight. When he would turn back around she'd do the same while mumbling, “Stupid boy.”

Suddenly, she noticed he was gone. Glancing around frantically, his tanned body was nowhere to be seen. Her eyes narrowed as she ground her teeth. Somehow he'd found a way to escape her.

The orange faded into the darkened denim sky as she turned vowing to return to her post tomorrow. With fist clenched, her long legs stomped up the street back to where she'd come from. That's when she spotted him.

Cocking her head to one side, she whispered, “What are you up to?” She stayed silent as she snuck up behind him. She watched as his sandy blond hair that she once loved so much played with the night's cool breeze. Her heart skidded to a stop when she heard his deep voice speaking to something as he knelt down to look at it.

“I'm so sorry, Becky. It should've been me.” Tears streaked down his face as she walked around him to get a better look and forgetting to keep herself hidden. She had vowed to make him pay for what he had done, but hearing him cry made her want to change her mind.

Seeing her grave, Becky closed her eyes. It was an accident. What have I been doing? John loved...loves me. When she allowed them to reopen, she made her decision. Placing a hand on his strong shoulder, she whispered, “It's okay,” as her tears freed themselves from her ghostly eyes.

“I'm so sorry. But you were going to tell. I couldn't risk that. I'll live with it for the rest of my life. Please forgive me, Becky? Please?”

Anger shot through her as the last night of her life flashed before her eyes. She saw John's tanned hands wrapped around her throat as her eyes focused on the liquid lemon Halloween moon that mocked her gasping pleas for him to stop. She felt the sear from his iron grip around her fragile throat as the last breath of life fled from her lungs.

As he begged for her forgiveness one last time, Becky found her ghostly voice and shouted, “Go to hell!”

Turning around slowly with his brown eyes wide, John stuttered, “B—B—Becky? Is that you?”

Her eyes stared daggers at him as a smirk graced her face while responding flatly, “Yep.”

“How? Why? What are you going to do to me?”

Twisting a lock of her silky hair, she playfully touched his nose. “How about we have some fun?”

John's eyes widened again. “Fun?”

“Yeah. How about we play a game someone taught me called Silence?” She watched with glee as realization registered on his once youthful face. “Wanna know how to play?” When John shook his head no, she added, “Oh, that's right! You're the one who taught me the rules!”

She walked around him as he stayed frozen in place. Becky had to admit that she loved having power over him for once. As she faced him once again, she allowed her silky voice to be laced with the venom he deserved to hear while saying, “So, Silence begins with a little Halloween murder. So I guess you're safe.”

John allowed a little breath to escape him as his skin began refilling with color. Becky began walking away and then stopped, spinning around with a huge smile on her ruby red lips. “Oh, wait! I forgot! In my world, it's Halloween everyday!”

Flying through the air just as an electric bolt of lightning crashed through the sky, Becky stood nose to nose with her killer. Eyes lighting up with a ghostly light, she placed a finger to her lips while saying, “Shhhh,” just as John's screams echoed through the still night's air.

Happy Halloween everybody! See you during NaNo! Happy writing!

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