Thursday, October 6, 2011

All That Jazz: A Little More Flash Fiction

This post, like the one before it, was supposed to be dedicated to a guest post. The other was supposed to be an interview, but since I didn't have those handy, I think a little flash fiction will do nicely.

So, I promised in my last post that I'd post the second flash fiction I did for one of Leah's After Midnight Flash Fiction Contest. For the first one I did that won, look below or check out this link A Little Flash Fiction So, here it is. I may not have won, but I still kind of like it. These two story's are the ones that made me realize that I'm not a light kind of writer. Any way, I hope you all enjoy!

All That Jazz

The record scratched as the needle reached its destination. Light reflected off Gigi's platinum bracelet as she turned the handle of the record player. The sweet sound of jazz poured from the machine while whiskey filled the air making Luke's head spin in the most delightful way. He loved Gigi more than he had anybody in his life. He only wished he could take away the frown that had made its home on her delicate face.

The black tassels of her dress danced as Gigi crossed the floor with a cigarette in between her fingers. Taking a drag, her chocolate eyes met with Luke's. Slowly exhaling, she asked, “What?”

“Gigi, you're seventeen. Why do you insist on acting like this?”

Walking to a window, she sat down while nodding at Big Ben. “I never wanted to come here you know. So don't act like you don't know why I've changed, Luke.” Another slow drag while cutting her eyes over to her lover.

London had changed his lady love. What had once been a lighthearted airy girl, was now nothing but a snide broken shell. Luke closed the distance between them. Running his hand through her onyx hair, he said, “You miss him.”

Gigi batted his hand away while jumping to her feet. “I have no idea what you are talking about!” She put out her cigarette before touching the coin that hung from her bracelet as sadness filled her eyes.

“He didn't love you like I do.” Luke's normally scratchy voice became soothing as he spoke to her. He knew he was too old for such a young girl. No thirty-five year old man should be with someone her age. But when he watched her dancing, his heart belonged to her. The problem was, Gigi's heart belonged to another. Someone who couldn't take care of her like he could. Someone who couldn't love her like he did.

The upbeat song ended as a slower one took its place. Gigi's bobbed tresses bounced as she sashayed to her favorite perch in the room. She propped her head on her hand while she avoided eye contact.

“Haven't I given you everything you could ever want?” Luke kept his distance. Gigi didn't know the power she held over him. With the flick of her feminine smile, his heart took to the sky. The coldness that filled her eyes as she glared at him now, sent him into a hypothermic chill that he found no warmth to bring him back from the brink.

Once again, the song changed to a song Gigi had never heard before. Her eyes flicked up and widened. “Luke! No! Stop! You're being crazy!”

Tears filled his light brown eyes. “I love you, Gigi. I've always loved you. But you've never given a damn about me!”

“That's not true, Luke! Please—think about what you're doing.” She put her hand out while slowly rising to her feet.

Moonlight caught the coin on her bracelet and reflected in his eyes. In a flash, Luke was in her face with his finger intertwined with her bracelet. “Why couldn't you let him go? Do you hate me so much that you want me to remember?”

Her fearful expression went from confusion to realization. “You? You're the one who—Luke, no!”

“I knew you'd never leave New York if he was around. So, I took care of it.” A new Luke appeared as he ripped the bracelet from her sun kissed wrist. The momentum of his actions sent Gigi flying back onto the chair.

The tears she had been able to hold back no longer stayed in their place. “Luke, please?”

He raised the small silver pistol he always kept concealed inside his jacket again as his tears slid down his face. “You just had to love him didn't you?”

“I love you, Luke,” she said with a shaky voice. Gigi's eyes locked with his.

The song found it's climax just as Luke's finger found the right pressure to move the trigger. As the jazz left the air, Gigi's body slid from the chair and landed on the floor in a puddle of scarlet ooze. Luke leaned down and gently brushed his lips against hers. Her lifeless eyes stared vacantly into his as he whispered, “Now you can choose who you love most.” With that, he brought the pistol to his head and joined her in a new speak easy for another round of winning her love.

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