Thursday, October 6, 2011

Book Blogger Meetup: Guest Post By Pica

So, I mentioned on my last post about having a guest post. Well, here it is! This is from the lovely Pica from Pica Reads Blog. This guest post is in honor of the Book Blogger Meet Up that Brielle B. thought up. I thank Pica for doing this swap with me & introduce you all to a wonderful girl! Enjoy!!

Of all the books on my shelves, and there are a lot of them, many of my favorites are fiction-fantasy.  I do love the wizards-and-quests type of fantasy, of course, that is always fun; but even more, I love stories that take me out of this world to a place where everything is possible and anything can happen.  Released from gravity, freed from constraints of time and distance, using human skills in über-human ways, my mind is unhinged from the here and now and soars the hyper-speed of adventure, abandonment, conquest, and connection.
Reading in any genre is my time off and my time to myself. But through fantasy books I escape to another world, built in words over a foundation of ideas. For the hour, or 4, I spend reading each day, regular life is suspended and I get to explore, play, be in alternate realities. Fantasy gives me the alternate realities of kite-powered, floating coffeehouses or enchanted clockwork people. What could be better?
Within fiction, within fantasy, my favorite-favorite are books about  the rise of the human spirit over incredible challenges.  I don't like reading really sad and/or really really depressing books. When I’m on my break from reality, I want to soar, not bury myself in bleakness.  I have to face enough “issues”  when I'm not reading. Give me a good ol' save-the-world story any day.
And you .... my blog compatriots, what is your favorite genre?  If it is not fiction-fantasy, tell me why!
Thanks, Jamie, for featuring me on your blog!

And than you, Pica for writing such a lovely post!! Also, a big thank you for featuring my guest post and for doing this swap!

Pica brought up a wonderful question at the end. What is your favorite genre and why? Let us know! I'd love to hear your thoughts!! Happy writing and reading everybody!!

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