Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Glassheart Chronicles: Short Story By Author Tiffany King: A Review

This review is not for the entire book. It is for one of the short stories that it contains within it's beautiful cover.

As I have stated before, Tiffany is one of my dearest friends. That means that I was one of the lucky few to read her contribution to this wonderful book. Let me tell you, you HAVE to read it!! It's that good.

Tiffany's short story is the prequel to her amazing hot seller Meant To Be. I received my ARC of this story today & read it in no time flat. Having loved MTB as much as I did, I had high hopes for this story. What I found was that I was not disappointed!

The story tells about Mark's parents and is told from his mother's POV. I found myself following everything that was being said and going, "So, that's what happened." It answers many things that MTB left open. Things that couldn't be included because it would've dragged it down, has now been put out there for all to see and know.

This story could have filled a book of it's own. The characters seemed to leap off the page & I felt what they were. My heart ached for Mark's mother and for Haniel. The epilogue had me in tears. Haniel's words were so beautiful and I find myself even now aching for him to show up in one of the other books along with his lady love.

I urge you all to go out and buy this book once it is released. The Glassheart Chronicles is due out in Aug 2011. With this story being just one of it's many secrets, I know it will be a must read!!

Bravo, Tiffany! You've stolen my heart once again with your wonderful characters & way with words!!


  1. I have Tiffany's writing already on my to-read list. I will add this one, as well.

  2. Sounds like an interesting story, and I really like the title and cover. Thanks for sharing!
    - Cholisose