Thursday, January 5, 2012

How Are You? The All About Me Person Post

Lately, somethings been bugging me. I'm big on asking my friends and family how they're doing when we talk and most if not all do the same while talking with me. It's just something that I feel is right to do. I'm not the me, me, me type of girl. It's just not who I am and I really get bothered by people who are that way. I'm cool with someone doing it every now and then, but not every time we talk. That just doesn't seem right to me. In fact, it just feels wrong.

I've talked with a few people about this and have found we all know the "It's all about me," type of person and we all are bugged by them. I guess what's really bothering me at the moment is that I have someone in my family who is very ill and yet they still can ask how I or someone else is while a perfectly fine person is really only concerned with themselves. That, to me, is just wrong. How can someone who's sick care enough to ask how someone is while someone who is healthy compared to the other can't bother to really try?

The all about me mentality is just something I can't seem to grasp. Whenever I try to even be that way, my stomach flips. I just can't seem to do it. I guess that's why it bugs me so much. I can't understand how someone can be like that. I find myself distancing myself from people who are like that and I've learned I'm not alone about this. I keep my mouth shut. Ignore it as much as I can. But when the all about me person pops up and lies on me just to get attention...well, I guess that's what this post really is about. My heart's broken. I'm hurt that someone I care about can care so much about themselves that they're willing to cause drama, create lies, and even bother a sick person just to make something about them when really there was nothing there to begin with. But I guess that's why they had to create something so it could be about them.

This hurt that they have caused is something not even a rejection can touch. As I've mentioned before, the rejection process has been kinda freeing for me. I've found strength while doing it. It's that strength that I'm leaning on now to keep my mouth shut. I'm doing my best to stay the positive person that I've grown to be. I'm trying not to let them turn me into the me, me, me kinda of person. That is someone I never want to be and if I start becoming that person I pray my hubby, family, friends, and all of you pull me back to the person I am at this very moment as I type this. This is the woman that I want to stay.

That being said, if I've never asked this before I am truly sorry. I've always felt it didn't need to be said between us because I feel we are so open and close. But now I feel like it needs to be said. Once again, please forgive me for not asking before. How are you?

The next post will be more up beat, I swear! Happy reading/writing everyone!

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  1. This comment is ALL ABOUT ME! I love ya, woman. ;-)Just focus your attention where it needs to be. Attention seekers go where the attention is. Don't give it to them. You leave that halo alone. The only time you are allowed to remove it is for cleaning. :)