Wednesday, September 21, 2016

MG Magical Realism: ONLINE

Genre: MG Magical Realism

Title: Online

Word Count: 30,000

Special Question: If your main character could be any Star Wars character, who would they choose and why?Stormtrooper number 79, ID HP404 for those who are confused. He is also known for daydreaming in the middle of missions, stealing from the Emperor’s fridge and talking his mates into playing Death Strike: Rogue Offensive.

35 Word Pitch:

Twelve-year-old Harper’s birthmark is meant to show her soulmate. But when it leads to the troll stalking her YouTube videos, it’s getting removed.

First 250 Words: 

Harper tapped CTRL on her Mac and said, “This team’s lousy! We need more kills here, guys!”

“Lousy like your soulmark,” a Counter Strike teammate answered on the chat, making Harper stab a counter-terrorist on her path way more times than necessary. She should never have told her team what her soulmark said.

Like it was with practically everyone else in the world, her mark was there since birth, and was supposed to be the first words her soulmate would say to her.

With her green sleeves rolled up, she could see the black words on her skin: I like your vids, but honestly you mised the point of this whole game. It was fun to watch this, but in a sorta embarrassing way.

Not only was her soulmate a hater, but this moron also couldn’t spell “missed” correctly. And because of that she had to live with a stupid grammar mistake written on her arm.

As she fixed her headset, her team’s voices on the chat overwhelmed her. Harper was a second from hitting CTRL again to tell them to shut up when a counter-terrorist from somewhere over the rainbow headshotted her.

“You died”, the game told her by replaying the scene. She was inside a shed with her knife in hands, and had just stabbed another enemy. Then she was shot and game over.

The counter-terrorists won, but soon the screen started loading to replay the same scenario. The crates spread around loaded first, and then Harper’s Mac slowly loaded the desert-like town.


  1. The force is strong with this one! I would love to take a look. Please send to andrea [at]

  2. The Force is strong with this one.