Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Adult Fantasy: EARTHSONG

Genre: Adult Fantasy


Word Count: 98,000

Special Question: If your main character could be any Star Wars character, who would they choose and why? Rhia would choose to be Leia: a princess general who saves the world and gets a tempestuous romance subplot. All in a day’s work!

35 Word Pitch: 

Magic is fading, leaving the realm blighted. When herbalist Rhia attends a council meeting to find a solution, she defies the abhorred king who abandoned her. Forget the kingdom—Rhia needs magic to repair their relationship.

First 250 Words:

Each step up the stone wall scraped a reminder into Rhia’s palms and knees. You shouldn’t be here. Shouldn’t be doing this.

Airy flutesong and cheery drums echoed laughter from the city streets below, tempting Rhia away from the eerie silence of the black castle looming overhead. Every shadow twisted in the corners of her eyes—taunting her, daring her to approach.

The forbidding edifice frightened Rhia, but her heart pounded with a wild, vicious excitement. This was her only chance to live, beyond survival.

Perched casually atop the wall, her street brother Bronwyn reached down, offering a hand. She refused his help, pulling herself up and onto the ledge.

With a “suit-yourself” shrug, he swung himself down into the courtyard, landing with the silent grace of a cat. He paraded into the sunlight, unaware—or uncaring—of danger.

Rhia frowned. Confidence enough to deceive everyone, including himself. She carefully lowered herself to the ground and ran up to him.

“We’re clear. Five minutes before the new guards show up. Which way?” Bronwyn waited for her directions with his hands on his hips and a cocky grin.

Under the harsh stare of the bookseller, Rhia had studied the castle layout. “The garden has the best cover, and it’s close to windows.” She pointed toward a rose archway to their right. “That’s our entrance.” Rhia’s pulse quickened at the thought. Fading magic left the city streets tinged gray, but the grass beneath her boots dripped pure green. What wonders awaited her further in?


  1. Disciplined, you are: Query and first 100 pages

  2. The Force is strong with this one! Please send me the full manuscript as a Word doc or PDF at Thanks!