Wednesday, September 21, 2016


Genre: YA Sci-Fi


Word Count: 85,000

Special Question: If your main character could be any Star Wars character, who would they choose and why?
My main character, Rigg, is adventurous, physically fit (she's a martial gymnast), and a hacker who can fix just about anything, so I will go with Rey.

35 Word Pitch:

After her mom's murder, 16-year-old Rigg follows clues to a super-AI who covets Rigg's technical expertise. She learns her intelligence is as artificial as the killer's, and to sabotage his plans she must sacrifice herself.

First 250 Words:

I'd strapped three caff patches to my arm to stay upright, and Trace was late. “If he doesn't show soon, I'm rewiring his knowledge-implant.”

The sun trudged up the distant Serran mountains, and everything was blue and alien and too slow. I clutched my best ever flying-sim, let me rephrase that, soaring-sim. Only Trace would get the fantasticness of this coding because, although I'd never admit it, he works even harder than me.

But if he waited much longer, the morning wind would die, and we'd lose that outside roar of air inside my virtual world. I stomped a circle in the grass.

Finally, familiar rubber-soled boots squeaked up the hill accompanied by huffing, and eventually, Trace's mass of brown curls emerged. He didn't rush and rip sim-needles from my hand. Nope. Overloaded with three mega-backpacks, he leaned forward to catch his breath.

“Why are you late?” My hands vibrated with caffeine. “Do you have an android packed in there?”

“Woah, Rigg.” Trace carefully lowered each backpack. “First, I had to bring all my projects to make the class bell. Second, I optimized my visual-plant to ensure I could critique every nuance of your little masterpiece.”

“My opus, but”—I lowered my voice— “you operated on your implants? You'll blind yourself someday.”

“Are we testing this sim or not?”

I should have taken him to get his implants checked, but he seemed fine, the wind was just right, and I had a packet of perfection on this needle.


  1. The Force is strong with this one. Please send your full manuscript as a word document attachment with “PitchSlam” in the subject line to whitley [at] inklingsliterary [dot] com. And if you don’t mind, please also include your query letter on the first page of the word doc. Thanks!