Wednesday, September 21, 2016


Thanks to Kim for making this awesome graphic!

Last year we fought the Death Eaters and thought we'd beat the darkness.

But we were wrong!

The dark side has awakened and it is now up to four Jedi Masters to take our teams and defeat the disturbance in the Force!

But wait! One of the Jedi Master's Jedi has been stolen by the Sith! The dark side has called out to them, tempting them to turn against the light. (I'm also hearing they had cookies and that was a big part of their choice to turn.)

This could only happen in one place.

That place is Pitch Slam: The Write Side!

And here is Team Jedi Princess!!

YA Contemporary End of Days

Adult Fantasy Earthsong

YA Contemporary LGBT Things We Weren't Supposed to Know

Adult Women's Fiction Girl (Dot) Com

YA LGBTQ Contemporary Romance Happiness and Other Myths

MG Magical RealismOnline

YA Contemporary That Year

YA Sci-Fi Queen_of_H34rts

Adult Women's Fiction Improbable Girl

YA Sci-Fi Rigged Identity

The other Jedi Master's teams.

Jedi Council (Agents) are free to comment from now until 11:59 PM Eastern on 9/27/16.

NOTE: Only agents may comment during the times listed above. Comments are on moderation so nobody may see what's going on behind the curtains. We want our Jedi Council to have a little privacy while choosing which Jedi deserve a certain Force phrase. ;)

If you didn't make it on a team, please don't take it personally! We could only have 10 per a team and that left many more we wished we could have included, but couldn't. That doesn't mean you're horrible or should feel bad, because you shouldn't! It just means we had to make tough choices and pick those we felt were truly ready for the Jedi Council and fight with the Sith.

As someone who loves doing contest, I've seen all sides. I've entered and didn't get in. I've entered and made a team, but no love was given. Then there were times I got requests. It's a process that doesn't always lead you to your agent. I'm still querying, which is EXACTLY what you should and need to be doing if you're 100% positive your MS is polished and ready to show the world. Just because you didn't make it, this doesn't make it the end. Contests aren't for everybody and they're not the only path. Keep your head up and keep going! Never give up!

And know, we believe in you!

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