Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Adult Women's Fiction: GIRL (DOT) COM

Genre: Adult, Women’s Fiction

Title: Girl (Dot) Com

Word Count: 84,000

Special Question: If your main character could be any Star Wars character, who would they choose and why?

My main character Barrie would always, always choose to be Princess Leia. Leia is a feminist hero, thwarting Vader, destroying the Death Star, and basically running the joint. Her relationship struggles with Han are familiar to Barrie's, though both end up "getting the guy." Finally, Barrie would clamor to rock that metal bikini.

35 Word Pitch:

In the ‘90s, Barrie’s dot-com career, stock option millions, and burgeoning, nerdy co-worker romance may vaporize if she’s sacked by company-invading Hollywood bigwigs. Her wits and webcam may help save – and reboot -- all three.

First 250 Words:

What the hell was Josh doing in my meeting?

Yea, though I’d stumbled through the valley of the shadow of tech boys aiming Nerf guns at my head, this Nice Jewish Girl® (in too-tight Nine West pumps) stood unscathed, primed, and pumped for The Promotion Talk. I'd asked for a five o’clock one-on-one, banking on my boss Sammy having consumed at least one Long Island Iced Tea by then. (Par for his course in the land where the Internet never sleeps.).

My stomach growled its dissatisfaction that I hadn't eaten all day in order to fit into my favorite Jones New York suit. (I could eat later, right?) A confidence-boosting mantra, playing on internal loop, propelled me: I am worth it. I am worth it. This was my moment.

And there, perched on Sammy’s cartoonish red leather couch, sat my technology work counterpart – and guy of my dreams. For my meeting?

“Well, shut my mouth! I’m underdressed for this gig,” Josh said. He languidly pushed one of his long, blond surfer boy curls behind his ear and glanced down at his polo shirt and jeans. My jaw hinged open. Shut my mouth. Please.

Sammy’s black leather chair swiveled around, fern-green Calvin Klein Eternity wafting around with it. “Barrie, I know you and I had scheduled some time to talk about something, but we’ll have to postpone. We have bigger fish to fry right now.”

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