Saturday, October 20, 2012

Spooktacular Pitch #42: THE TOWN OF SLEEP

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Title: The Town of Sleep
Genre: Middle Grade. Magic Realism
Word Count: 40,000 words
Email: matt at tinysports dot org


After reading The Sleeping Bug, eleven year old Molly Jefferson is transformed into the world of the story. Molly must help cure the sleeping sickness which has sent all the town’s adults into sleep before the book ends, or face the possibility of being stuck in the book forever.

First 250 Words:

Molly first discovered her ability on the last night of summer vacation. Looking under her bed for her lucky pencil case, she came across one of The Boy’s baby books. The Boy was the nickname Dad used for her two year old brother, Herbie. Herbie must have left it under her bed earlier that day when they had been playing hide and seek. Technically, she was way too old to play such games but she liked to keep The Boy happy.

The book was called The Lemon Bears. Its pages were full of bright, vibrant colours with large pictures of strange cuddly animals which looked a bit like teddy-bears. Molly was way too mature to read such a book, but with nothing else to do she decided to take a quick look. Molly sat on her bed and began to read.

One day, Baby Lemon Bear went for a walk in her garden. 

As Molly read the words something amazing happened. The dull white walls of her bedroom began to turn bright blue. But they were no longer walls, they were the sky. Her bed had disappeared as well. As had the floor, the ceiling, the curtains, her dressing table, wardrobe, and her new desk and chair. Even her small battered television, which she was only allowed to watch at specific and rather unfair times, had disappeared. Everything, gone. Vanished.

Molly was in The Lemon Bear world.

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