Saturday, October 20, 2012

Spooktacular Pitch #16: THE GLASS PRINCE

Background came from this design.

Genre: YA Contemporary Fantasy
Word Count: 73,000

3 line Pitch:

17-year-old Clara’s attempt to escape social suck-fest at home lands her in the middle of a 500-year-old family curse, with the Ice Queen (aka “Grandma”) and an obnoxious Prince as her guides. A glass prince figurine is one key to breaking the curse, allowing her to transport to the past to see how it all started. But, an unexpected enemy stands in her way and failure means she’ll suffer the same fate that killed her father when Clara was only one.

First 250:

I shared my birthday with the death of my dad. I closed my eyes and tried to picture him as the hot chocolate I drank satiated my taste buds and slid down my throat. I could never get a clear picture of him in my head. He always showed up a little fuzzy around his edges. Sighing, I took another sip. I heard Mom stumble down the stairs and shuffle to the kitchen.

The door swung open and Mom rubbed the sleep out of her eyes before she looked around. When her gaze settled on me, she glared. “Stubborn-ass birthday girl.”

I smiled.

She hobbled over to me and kissed the top of my head, then slumped into the chair next to me. She sniffed the air and sighed happily. “Homemade cinnamon rolls?”

“Of course. With homemade cream cheese glaze.”

Mom twitched to stand up and I pointed a finger at her.

“Not now. You can lick the bowl when I’m done, lady.”

She chuckled and settled back into her chair. “Well at least get an old woman a cup of coffee. I can barely keep my eyes open.”

I set my cocoa down, then stood and walked over to the coffee pot to make her a cup. She liked it black on days when she woke up too early.

“You’re confusing ‘old’ with ‘lazy’ again, Mom.” I teased as I set the cup in front of her.

She grinned. “Well, you spoil me, Clara. Now I feel all entitled and stuff.”

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