Saturday, October 20, 2012

Spooktacular Pitch #32: VEILED

Background came from this design.

Genre: YA Science Fiction
Word Count: 87,000

3 line Pitch:

In Eskifalia, women control nothing, not even their own minds. When a woman’s skin is exposed to the touch of a man, biology dictates that she’s forced to take on the personality he desires, and a thin veil is all that stands between Aveza and having her mind enslaved by the man her politically scheming father has chosen for her. Her sister burned herself alive to avoid the same fate, but Aveza has a different plan.

First 250:

Aveza sidestepped the servant who scuttled across her path with a vase of tulips so large it obscured his vision. She stared after him for a moment, awed by the speed with which his plump legs carried him down the hall. The excitement in the palace was palpable, and she felt it as much as anyone. But there was something else in the air as well—an undercurrent far more unsettling than anxiety over decorations for the upcoming attachment ceremony.

She'd never heard of an attachment between people from different provinces, but her father assured her it was nothing to worry about. So why was he so agitated now that the envoy from Benslow Province had arrived?

Aveza stopped in front of the tall door with its familiar gold filigree and flowing script and raised her gloved hand to knock. On any other day she wouldn’t have bothered—in fact, the door wouldn’t have been closed at all—but today her father wasn’t in there alone. The sound of angry voices from inside the study stilled her hand before her knuckles hit the wood.

“I don’t see the sense in waiting to unite our families, Baldarich. We’re here now, and my nephew will be attached to that piece of Devontia trash in a matter of days. Why can’t Reginald and Linza be joined at the same time?”

Aveza frowned. She didn’t recognize the voice, but there was no mistaking his frustration.

“No one understands more than me that this union is an urgent matter,” her father said, “but you have to understand this is my daughter we’re talking about. The Emir of Anhalt Province does not attach his daughter in some hastily thrown together ceremony."

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