Saturday, October 20, 2012

Spooktacular Pitch #18: SUPERTEENS IN TRAINING

Background came from this design.

Genre: YA Urban Fantasy/Science-Fiction
Word Count: 54,000 words

3 line pitch:

Five sixteen-year-old girls are brought together by a mysterious guardian when they discover their awesome elemental powers that make them feel like superheroes. But besides wearing sexy costumes and learning kick-ass fighting skills, they must put off mall shopping and hot dates until they defeat enemies from another planet, who want to destroy the girls before they can help the good guys win a planetary war. So the girls must learn to put their differences aside, because only their bond makes them stronger than any other force in the universe.

First 250:

The seatbelt restraints barely held her in place as Malaysa was jolted in her seat. The whole spaceship rumbled and shook as it came to an abrupt stop. Its engines purred softly as they powered down. Then, silence.

Malaysa breathed a sigh of relief, and figured it was safe to open her eyes. The way her seat was slanting, she could tell the ship hadn’t landed as it should have. She glanced at the control panel in front of her, and saw its multi-colored lights flashing wildly. She guessed that meant something had malfunctioned, but since the ship’s course hadn’t been set by her, she couldn’t have done anything wrong.

Her hands fumbled with the clasp of her restraints, and when she had freed herself, she stood up out of the half-spherical seat, holding onto the sides as she tried to get her wobbly feet to support her. The flight had lasted about six hours, and she had barely moved at all in that time, which was why she was so stiff. Her anxiety about traveling so far away from home for the first time had left her paralyzed.

She felt alone…but then, she wasn’t alone.

She looked up and checked the five other occupied seats. To her relief, all the babies appeared safe. She stumbled her way over to each child, giving them closer inspections. The Sleep Plugs in their ears had kept them from waking during the ride, but the devices only lasted for eight hours. In less than two hours, Malaysa would be dealing with five hungry, crying infants all by herself.

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