Saturday, October 20, 2012

Spooktacular Pitch #37: KISSING FROGS

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Genre: YA Contemporary
Word-count: 61,000


After escaping a rape attempt by a close friend, seventeen-year-old Alaina is afraid of most boys. When one she might love steals a not-so-innocent kiss, she’s afraid to even trust herself; but the “best friend” she turns to for advice is more interested in controlling than helping her. If Alaina doesn’t learn to listen to her heart, she may never trust anyone.

First 250: 

I’m not exactly the fairy-tale princess type. Flowers don’t bloom at my feet, birds don’t follow me around, singing happy little songs, and even though I’m seventeen years old, I’ve never had a boyfriend.

I’ve had plenty of opportunities, I guess, but I’m waiting for true love. Not that I expect Prince Charming to come riding in on a white horse and plant a magical kiss on my virgin lips that will suddenly make my whole life perfect, but I wish I could find a guy who could see past my DD-cup boobs. I’m tired of fighting off guys who think “big boobs” equals “I can’t wait to jump into bed with the first guy who smiles at me.” So when my best friend, Kendra, offered to help me change the way people see me, of course I agreed.

“So how are we going to change my image?” I ask. I drop my bag on Kendra’s bedroom floor and jump onto her bed, landing right in the middle of her super-soft pile of fluffy, pink pillows. 

Kendra frowns and shakes her head. She bites her lip and glares from me to the pillows and back again. I know she really wants to tell me to get off the bed, because I’m wrinkling the duvet cover or something, but she swallows her irritation and smiles instead. “I’m thinking complete overhaul,” she says. “New wardrobe, new hairstyle, new attitude, new you! Trust me, by this time text month, Shane Crawford will be eating out of the palm of your hand.”

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