Saturday, October 20, 2012

Late Entry: Spooktacular Pitch #52: PANDORIOUS

Background came from this design.

TITLE: Pandorious
GENRE: MG Magical Realism 


Buddle Dee, Buddle Dee! When lonely twelve-year-old Haven Hitchcock opens an enchanted book, she releases a curse that gives her the ability to bring inanimate objects to life.

Haven’s magic rocks, but her spells spin out of control when she awakens a field of pumpkins whose mischief quickly turns to mayhem.

She’ll have to reach out to her not so horrible classmates for help, or the menacing gourds will turn everyone into pumpkinheads – forever.

250 WORDS:

Most people lived adventures. Me—I read about them.

I plopped on the window seat and opened my book. My terrier, Petro, stuck his head out from under the blanket at my feet.

An hour later, I saw a movement in my doorway and glanced up. Mom.

“Haven, can’t you find something useful to do? You’ve had your nose in a book for hours. You’ll ruin your eyes. Go outdoors and get some fresh air.”

Dang! Mom and her fresh air. I could breathe just fine in my room, thank you very much.

I lived to read. If that meant ruining my eyes, bring on the eyeglasses! She never worried about what Rodney did. My annoying little brother could do no wrong – even when he was tormenting me.

I slipped into my flip-flops, grabbed my book and headed outside. Petro followed at my heels. I gulped in a breath of fresh air. A warm breeze stirred the leaves overhead. I looked up. The sky was as blue as the ocean, except for few little black clouds creeping toward town.

I settled on a rock beneath the tree at the edge of our yard. Petro flopped against my leg. Chris walked by pushing his bike, then swerved around and rolled his bike onto the grass where I sat. I liked talking to Chris. He listened.

Petro lifted his jaws, showing teeth. The hair rose on his neck like quills on a porcupine,

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