Saturday, October 20, 2012

Spooktacular Pitch #46: WARDER

Background came from this design.

Title: Warder
Genre: Contemporary Fantasy Romance
Word Count: 108K

3 line pitch:

Mona's training to be a Warder, a job which was described as learning to keep everyone safe from misused magic, only to find out it's whole heck of a lot more complicated. As a favor to his cousin, half-elf Cart's left his second in charge of his pack while he tracks down a madman who is forcing shifters to change or die. When they meet it's clear they might be each others unwanted mate, something they willingly ignore as they track down the madman whose killing spree now focuses on them. 

First 250:

Her head bowed to the winter wind, Mona strode across the parking lot to the mall, concern and curiosity now verging on dread about Raine. Since the frantic call from her normally unflappable friend successively worse scenarios flitted through her mind. Had she been mugged? Detained by mall security? Why?

The wind slid under her collar and raised goosebumps along her back. Fuck-a-duck it was cold! One day she’d move some place warm and get out of Buffalo. As soon as she finished her training she planned to do just that.

Avoiding the revolving door out of habit, she felt trapped when she was neither in nor out, she yanked open the side door, thankful to be out of the frigid temperatures. Quirks, all elves had them, she knew she had a few more than most. Growing up outside the Folk enclaves, where she might have learned about magic a lot earlier, hadn’t helped.

Mona looked around, expecting to see the management office since she’d been directed to use this entrance. Instead she espied Raine on a bench at the far end of the hall. Mona was relieved for split second until she took in her friend’s condition. Poorly dressed for the winter, she had no coat and wore open toed shoes and a loose, cap-sleeved sweater over a lightweight dress. Huddled over, legs and arms crossed, the thin sweater tented her body. If Mona hadn't known the woman, she would have avoided her, and not just because she could see the glow of evil intent from a spell on her.

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