Saturday, October 20, 2012

Spooktacular Pitch #31: IGNITE

Background came from this design.

Genre: YA Urban Fantasy
Word Count: 68,000

3 line pitch:

Branded with PTSD, seventeen-year-old Alison is desperate to find her grandma’s killers and prove she’s not crazy. With the help of a fire-wielding Watcher from a top-secret protection agency, Ali is led to a discharged agent determined to eliminate supernatural abilities. When he learns Ali can manipulate water, she's next on his to-cure list.

First 250:

Here lies Alison Summers. Devoted daughter. Sister. Dog-lover.

One slip and that will be chiseled into the headstone above my eternal resting place. That is, if someone finds my body. Not that I expect a superhero to swoop down and save me, but an easier way out of this nightmare would be nice.

Leg-over-leg, I climb the railings that keep visitors from falling over the edge of the pier and clutch the wooden beam behind me. There’s no false sense of security now―only my white-knuckled grip, and a blanket of black ocean thirty feet below, taunting me.

The cool breeze picks up the smell of fish. It should remind me of the summers my family vacationed here, but instead, I’m left with the urge to gag. My inner organs tense like they’re pounding violently against each other. At first, La Paz Beach was a logical place to run, but now at the dead end of this pier there’s no time to consider a better plan. They're hot on my heels. But who are they? My head whips toward the sound of heavy footfalls. But the dense fog makes seeing my hand in front of my face nearly impossible, let alone those who trail me. All I manage are two streams of lights zigzagging through the thick mist.

My foot slips. I adjust my position on the damp ledge and grab the rail tighter. Sand plummets into the white-capped waves beneath me. A tingle creeps down my spine as I consider a crazy thought.