Saturday, October 20, 2012

Spooktacular Pitch #48: SLEEPER

Background came from this design.

Title: Sleeper
Genre: Speculative Fiction
Word Count: 58,000

Three line pitch:

Seventeen-year-old Mishca Richardson is a sleeper soldier with a weak heart. She has no idea that a life saving heart transplant has accidentally triggered her programming. When she discovers the truth and that her creator, Wirth, has classified her remaining "sisters" from her experiment group as defective and schedules them for termination, Mishca sets out to save them before they're eliminated.

First 250 words:

Being dead and coming back to life runs the risk of something from the other side crossing over with you. Even with a medically controlled death and revival like mine. At least that’s what my friend, Nerissa, believes. With my friends staring at me in horror, I’m beginning to think she could be right. Ever since the heart transplant operation a few months ago I’ve been different.

There’s no strain or sweat from me as my hands come together, bending the iron bar in my hands. I avoid eye contact with my friends for a moment, focusing instead on my shadow on the sand. From the neck down I could be any teenage girl, but my springy curls sprouting out set me apart.

Nerissa does her best impersonation of a goldfish before closing her mouth back up. Her blue eyes plead with me. “You’ve got to entertain the idea now that you could be –”

“Possessed? Come on.” My boyfriend Ryder runs his hand though his hair. Not that his theory is any better.

The morning air is still crisp with the sun only just peaking over the bush land clad mountains that skirt the hidden beach we’re on. We’re lucky Nerissa’s parents have this holiday house, just north of Brisbane. Hopefully no one will see me being put through my paces.

Fin, Ryder’s best friend, taps his pen against the clipboard. “Okay, so we now you’re unbelievably strong. What do you want to try next?”

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