Saturday, October 20, 2012

Spooktacular Pitch #19: NEVER THE HERO

Background came from this design.

Genre: YA Contemporary Fantasy
Word Count: 61,000 words

3 Line Pitch:

Everything nineteen-year-old Krystin knew about her destiny changed the moment her true love, Shawn, almost died by her hands, isolating her from everyone. But now Krystin must reunite with Shawn, as per her destiny, or risk starting a war between not only Good and Evil, but every faction standing blind and arrogant in between. They’re ready to obliterate her world through war, but is she ready to be the hero?

First 250:

It’s kind of funny the places you end up in life, the way it throws you for a loop and sets you back into motion when you least expect it. How, after all you've been through—all you considered hell—it can help you start all over again.

Or, that’s what I’d like to believe anyway.

Then again, there’s also a moment in everyone’s life where you make that one decision that changes everything. The best way I’ve heard it described is something my mother told me once: everyone at some point in their lives comes to the edge of a huge cliff. You can choose to either fly and succeed, or jump and fall to failure. In the end, she was right in more ways than one, even if I’ll never admit it to her indignantly proud face.

It’s been a good year, down to the day if I’m right, since I made that decision which would change everything so drastically. Instead of choosing to fly, I jumped and plummeted to the very rocky bottom. Funny thing is that regardless of what it’s caused me and how little I got in return, I’m happy that I did it—to some extent, at least. I got the chance to start over, and that’s what I thought I most desperately needed.

You see, so many people have told me that I’m supposed to do something “great” with my life, that I’m above all this “Good and Evil” crap I basically grew up on.

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