Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Pitch Slam! Introducing Team Magenta!

If you've been paying attention, you know the Pitch Slam hosts have each chosen one awesome individual to help them tackle the slush. Over the next handful of posts we'll be introducing those fabulous teams from R&R Management who'll be selecting their bands from the talented entrants!
This pair draws their inspiration from the Pop Rock powerhouse P!nk. Here's Team Magenta!

Manager Jamie Corrigan knows what she likes when she sees it. Be it MG to Adult, if it hits her right in the feels or has an edge that keeps her hanging on until the last page, you're playing her jam. She writes YA urban fantasy to contemporary filled with wit, action, grit, with a touch of her Southern roots. Hit her up at her twitter handle @saphirablue84 and her Tumblr to learn more about what this manger likes to rock out to. Now, are you ready to rock?

Jamie's scout Brandi M Lynch is ready to scope out the talent! While she leans toward fantasy and paranormal in her own writing, she’s got a taste for anything that rocks. She is eager to get her hands on something that hits her like a good bass line, something that lingers long after that last note. Check out her Twitter handle @branwrites to see what gets her dancing.
#TeamMagenta will be a tough act to follow, but best believe we've got more great pairs lined up. Stay tuned for the other great teams!

Be sure to stick around to meet the other teams and find out what they want. But honestly, #TeamMagenta's going to win this thing!

So, are you entering Pitch Slam? Are you excited and ready to rock? Let me know your thoughts in the comments! And as always, until next time, happy reading and writing everyone!

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