Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Pitch Slam! Are you ready to ROCK?!

Today's the big day! My fellow managers and I have sifted through the glorious mountain of slush and found our twelve band members! Some shook us with their killer drum solos. Some brought a tear to our eyes with a whaling guitar solo only 80's hair bands could touch. Then there were the ones with the voice of a rock angel. We heard you and KNEW you had to be ours.

We negotiated, cried, and even battled where YOU determined where certain entries would end up. And today you find out who made it on our teams!

Also, if you see something wrong with your entry (due to formatting,) please email the pitch slam email to let us know.

Now.... *cues drum roll*

*lights flash*

*clears throat*

Execs and authors! Are you ready to rock out with Team Magenta?!

*P!nk's Perfect blares in the air*

Check out the other teams at the links below! And remember, only agents can comment during 8am EDT - 4pm EDT!

Team Stray Tats - http://lucashargis.com/
Team Sweeter - http://www.michelle4laughs.blogspot.com/
Team Electric - http://rahdieh.tumblr.com/

Congrats to everyone who made it on a team. Just know that there were so MANY amazing ones that it was tough to pick just 12 each. So keep going if you weren't picked. That yes will come your way if you do!

Good luck everyone!

Rockin' Honorable Mentions: I hated I couldn't have you all!

Confessions of a Schoolgirl: The 3:05 Goodbyes & The Discarded.

You were so close to making the final cut. I wanted to give you a shout out just because it was up to last minute before Brandi and I made our final picks and you were right there the entire time. We wish you much luck in the query trenches!

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