Sunday, April 6, 2014

Pitch Slam Battle Blitzes!

We're going to change the rules a bit--we can totally do that--though not for everyone. This one goes out to all the hard working agents out there helping us writers come that much closer to our dreams, we're gonna spice things up for ya.

Okay, that's enough of my Casey Kasem impersonation.

Remember how we said the Execs of Literary Records will make requests based on the music recording sales thresholds? If you don't, here's a reminder of the system.

Demo Tape – Query and first 5 pages
Silver Record – Query and first 10 pages
Gold Record – Query and first 50 page
Platinum Record – Query and first 100 pages
Diamond Record- Query and full

Last time we said each Exec gets an infinite number of tapes to use, but certain records will be limited. We're changing that bit. Every agent can bid whatever they want on any entry they like, and instead of the Diamond Records being a first come first serve type deal we're gonna handle ties with what we're calling Battle Blitzes!

When the Band picks go up April 29th, the only ones who'll be able to comment are the Execs. They'll be able to dish out their requests from 8am EST on 4/29 through 3pm EST on 4/30. Starting at 3pm on 4/30 we'll have the Challenge Round on twitter under the tag #BattleBlitz, where all ties will be broken with either music trivia questions or bouts of "finish these lyrics."

For example How many Backstreet Boys are there? or Finish these lyrics "I Love Rock and Roll, so put another dime __ ___ ______, ____!"

Agents who are tied with the same request will be tagged with the blitz. Whomever answered the question or finishes the lyrics first will be declared winner! The other challenger will be bumped back to the previous level. Example, if the Blitz happens at Diamond level, the loser will drop down to Gold, Gold to Silver, so forth and so on.

That's it! Anyone have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to let us know. And get ready to meet another awesome Manager and Talent Scout team tomorrow!

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