Sunday, April 27, 2014

Pitch Slam Twitter Party - My Music!

As the final round of Pitch Slam comes to a close, Managers trade, swap, make underhanded deals, and all but come to blows over amazing entries. I’m serious you guys, there were tears shed over losses and I-don’t-care-if-I-look-like-a-fool victory dances. You need to congratulate yourselves on a job well done because. I BS you not, a lot of this came down to personal preference and what we thought would interest our Execs, because the end game of this whole thing (outside of all the fun had, the great people you meet, and the feedback received) was to get requests, right? Right.

So many entries had strong writing and enticing premises that worked together to make the Managers lose. their. minds. In the end, some picks were made because, let’s face it, as human beings we all have our tastes. That being said, we’ve got a wide array of age categories and genres to display on Tuesday 4/29 at 8:oo am EST, so stay tuned for the reveal! And to watch the Execs (possibly) have their own skirmishes.

While you wait for the big show, we’ve got another #PitchSlam twitter party theme for you: #MyMusic. Well, not MY music, but your music! Who’s your favorite singer or band? What’s your favorite song? It can be anything, from opening themes on television shows to scores for movies. Composers are included, from Beethoven and Bach to John Williams and Hanz Zimmer, back again.

Keep it going, party people!

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