Saturday, April 26, 2014

Pitch Slam, You're Going to Vegas!

Due to technical difficulties, meaning the internet did what it likes to do from time to time and shut down completely on my end, this post was delayed by a few hours. But that’s okay, here it is now and OMG, is this really happening? Have we gotten through all of the feedback and all of the critiques? I am SO excited!
We have been waiting for these R&Rs. The battles over certain stories have already begun behind the scenes, so let’s rock this joint! The VEGAS! round submission window opened at12:00am EST on 4/26, and as an added bonus we’ve decided to keep it open for an extra day. All entries need to be in by 11:59 pm EST on 4/27, but there’s no need to rush. Make sure everything is as perfect as you can get it before hitting send. Anything entered before or after the indicated times will be deleted without being read. Now, on to formatting.
Check it, we need to keep the entries as uniform as possible since we’re pretty much copying and pasting onto our blogs, so we’re gonna go over this one mo’ ‘gain.
Name: Real name (Writing as such-and-such if you’re using a pen name)
Genre: This includes both age category and genre. Fiction is not a genre. YA/MG etc on its own is not a genre. Please pick ONE genre and possibly a sub-genre. Adult Paranormal Romance is a proper genre. YA Sci-Fi Horror is a proper genre. MG Magical Realism Paranormal Romance Horror is not a genre. An easy way to do this is ask yourself, if my book was in a store, what would the sign on the shelf say?
Title: Your story
Word Count: xx,000. Round to the nearest thousandth.
Song: This isn’t gonna influence anything. It’s more for fun, so don’t stress about it. Tell us what song best exemplifies your story!
Pitch: Your revised pitch. 35 words max.
250: Your revised first page single spaced with one line between paragraphs and NO indentations. This goes for pitches and first 250. Notice the space between each line in the entry information above the pitch as well. *Infomercial gesture*
For the first 250, don’t stop in the middle of a sentence, but here’s the thing about that. If you have 247, 248, 249 words and the sentence stops, end it there. Don’t go to 250 and then up to 260 or something cause the first word was the 250th. Aim for 255 at the most. You have more than that? Make it work.
Please type Pitch Slam: TITLE  (Your title, not the word title) into the subject line.
Everyone’s been pretty good about this so far, but I’m gonna say it again. Just in case. If you did NOT enter the previous rounds, you cannot enter this round.
Any questions, check the FAQ page. If your question is now found there, hit up the comments below or @ me on twitter. The 50 finalists are going to be chosen from this submission pool, so put your best foot forward and GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!
While all of the lovely entries are coming in, we’re gonna keep the #PitchSlam twitter party train going’! Today’s theme is one I enjoy quite a bit: #PlaysMyMC. Tell us who would play your protagonist. Heck, go crazy, secondary characters, villains, comedic relief, give’em all! And for the cute ones, post pictures. ~_^
That’s it for submission details. Time to dive into the slush and find my rockstars in the rough!

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