Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Team Magenta - Tender Fragments

Genre: YA Contemporary Romance

Title: Tender Fragments

Word Count: 55,000

Song: Love and Happiness by Al Green

Pitch: Abused by her possessive stepfather, Nessie shields her mother from the truth with silence. Falling in love with David is ruining everything. Because Nessie can only keep one: her secret or her first love.


Usually, he hits me where no one will see it but I guess he felt like being sloppy today. I saw the punch from the corner of my eye. I had just enough time to throw up my arm to protect my head. My forearm received the brunt of the blow.

“What did I say to you? When I ask you a question, you answer me, out loud, none of this nodding shit, is that clear?” his voice boomed, echoing around the small kitchen, while I hunched in the corner for safety. The corner lined up with the front window. The drapes were open. If he hit me again, someone might see it.

“Yes,” I answered.

“I expect you to be back in this house before 3:30. Finish your chores and get out,” he stomped away, his thick work boots pounding against the linoleum. He kicked me in the back with those on once. It hurt to breathe for a week.

I moved my arm, wiggling my fingers, and making a fist. Not broken but it did hurt like hell. Standing up straight, I returned to the sink to finish washing the dishes. The lukewarm water soothed my hot forearm. I’d have a bruise within the hour.

No point crying about what happened. Half the time, I don’t even get angry. Shitty things happen to people all the time and you either deal with it or show weakness by asking for help.

I refused to be weak.