Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Pitches from the Pensive - Rebecca Waddell

Title: A Different Kind of Awesome

Genre: YA Contemporary

Word Count: 57,000

Hogwarts House: Flynn is definitely a muggle, but he’d be at home in Ravenclaw where his thirst for riddles and puzzles would be much safer to solve than the one ruining his life right now.

Pitch: After regaining consciousness inside a locker, fourteen-year-old Flynn’s sure life sucks. When an anonymous video goes viral, branding him the Zombie Bomber, he has to find who's behind it before they destroy more than his reputation.

First 250:

I come to in pitch black. The air is too close, too musty to breathe easily. Everything smells like old banana peels and my mouth tastes like I’ve been using a car key as a chew toy. “Where am I?” I can’t remember how I got into this dark place. “I was running.” Thin strips of light filter through the vents cut into one wall. I reach for them; it’s not a wall at all. “Am I in a locker?” The only other illumination comes from the glow-in-the-dark letters on my “Zombies Happen” t-shirt.

The green lettering is still brightly lit. I can’t have been in this upright coffin for longer than a few minutes. Flashes of memory hit my aching skull like one of my dad’s ancient vinyl records skipping on the player. There was a gigantic guy after me. “I was running from Brandon.” My heart thuds as I remember the twisted rage that filled his eyes.

“There was an open locker.” My voice sounds strange bouncing off the metal walls. Closing my eyes, I try to picture it. Everything is scrambled. Something digs into my shoulder. Another flash of memory. “There was a latte.” I shake my head, a bad mistake, the world spins. If I could fall over, I would, but there isn’t room in the locker.

The thing digging into my shoulder is a hook. “How did I get in here?” My brain yields no further clues.

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