Thursday, October 1, 2015

Pitch Slam - Introducing Team Slytherin!

As you've already seen it's Pitch Slam time again! As our theme is Hogwarts Cup, (Yay!!) each captain has chosen a house and has moved in with our selected Head Girl/Boy and Prefect(s). Today, I am here to introduce you all to which house I'm heading and my two fellow cunningly ambitious teammates! (Ignore the title and pretend I didn't already tell you, okay? Good.)

And the house I am heading is.....

Gif by Deathly Hollowes

Yes! That is right. This Pitch Slam I am proudly House Slytherin's Head of House!

Even though I'm a proud Hufflepuff and sometimes Slytherin I am so pumped to head this house! I actually love this house and can't wait for the sorting hat to sort you all so I can find the best students to win this!


And for those who think Slytherin can't win, I have one thing to say.

And what does Snape have to say about a Hufflepuff taking over as Head of House?

Let's just ask him!


See? You know you want to be sorted into Slytherin. After all, our team is Snape Approved!

Okay, I'll stop.

For now.

You're here to learn a little about #TeamSlytherin and I won't keep you waiting any longer.

So now a little about me and my teammates who I am sure you're dying to know more about.

Head of House: Jamie Corrigan (Me!)

Sorry in advance for writing this in 3rd person.

Jamie Corrigan lives in Texas with her husband. When she's not being a house wife she's busy writing or playing games with her hubby. (Final Fantasy XIII/XIII-2/XIII-3 anyone?) She grew up loving music and books and dreamed of one day becoming a singer or author. Even though the singing thing didn't work out, she's not totally heartbroken since she gets to live a different life every time she writes a new story or reads a new book. 

Her writing style ranges from fantasy to contemporary, but it always has a touch of grit mixed with wit and a dash of southern flare. While she writes mainly Young Adult, she'll read anything from MG to Adult. (She may read some Picture Books too. Shhh.)

She loves contests and has been on both sides as a contestant and host.  Jamie has been has been with Pitch Slam from the start and has fallen in love with diving through the slush and helping her fellow authors shape their craft. The banter with her fellow hosts and their amazing teams brings a smile to her face even when she's stressing over who will end up on her YES list. 

Jamie's drawn to twisty thrillers and mysteries right now, but a lighthearted story or kickass fantasy could always catch her eye. Her motto is as long as it's well written and grabs me and won't let go, I'll totally read it! 

At the moment she's in the query trenches, but she looks forward to meeting her agent soon. If you have questions for her or just want to say high, feel free to tweet her. (I promise I don't bite!)

Head Girl: Brandi Lynch

Brandi Lynch writes YA paranormal, sci-fi, fantasy, and contemporary. She’s an anime fan and a casual gamer—she loves an RPG, but wouldn’t dare put her skills up against someone else. In games and books, fantasy and science fiction steal her heart every time. A Halloween fiend, she loves to create her own Halloween costumes.

What Brandi's looking for: Overall, I’m looking for a kickass story backed up by an awesome voice. Fantasy and Sci-fi are my faves, but I dig anything that makes me go, “Ooh!” So if you’ve got a killer contemporary, I’m definitely going to take a look!

Prefect: Rebecca Waddell

Rebecca Waddell writes Young Adult and Middle Grade novels set in the real world or places born in her brain. When not petting wolfacorns or eating chocolate with her family, she blogs poetry. Rep’d by the completely awesome Jessica Schmeidler of Golden Wheat Lit.

Rebecca will be looking for entries that stand out like unicorns against the darkness of the forbidden forest and phoenixes because fire is hot.

And there you have it, #TeamSlytherin aka #TeamAwessssome! We really look forward to reading your entries and having a few of you in our house. (We wish we could take you all, but alas, not everybody can be a Slytherin.)

Feel free to drop by the #PitchSlam tag and see the other teams and join in the fun. And don't be afraid to follow #TeamSlytherin and say hi, we'd love to hear from you! (Look below the last gif to find the other houses.)

Now go shape those pitches and get that manuscript into the best shape and make that first 250 shine! Just know that we're cheering for you!!

Click the names below to learn more about the other houses!

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