Friday, October 23, 2015

Pitch Slam Entry 2: BFF Guide to Everlasting Friendship, MG Horror


Genre: MG Horror

Word Count: 30,000

Hogwarts House: Hogwarts House: Paige is everything Hufflepuff. She’ll sit quietly and let everyone else speak. No need to let her stutter out and bring unwanted attention to herself.

Pitch: Fifth-Grader Paige finds The BFF Guide to Everlasting Friendship, promising everything she wants. But the longer the Guide’s in her possession, the more it possesses her. It may be the last friend she’ll ever have.

First 250:

Fifth grade recess is all about kickball until Sheri shows-off a bra strap, waiting in line for her turn to kick on Friday, makingMonday a dug-out strap fest.

“Check out my new trainer; it’s just like yours,” Molly Birch says, showing a white strap digging into her shoulder. The rest of the girls follow suit and snap straps on their own shoulders to show how well they copied Sheri.

When I asked Mom to get me a training bra she refused. ”P-please, Mm-mom. Everyone in fifth g-grade has a t-tr-trainer.” My stutter making it difficult to get the importance of my request across. Without a training bra, I’m nobody.

“You don’t need one. You don’t have anything to support, and we can’t spare the money right now.” Like that’s the point of training bras. Mom doesn’t understand anything.

Feeling brave, I pull the top of my shirt over my shoulder to show my undershirt strap. My strap is like a spaghetti noodle where the other girls have thick, padded lines under their shirts. Nervous of being seen as a training-bra-fraud bring out my stutter. “Mm-mmm-mee too.” My face contorts to get past the ‘m’ sound.

Molly bursts into laughter, and then everyone else does too. I catch Molly twisting her mouth, mocking me. When someone turns around, she smooths out her face.I walk alone to the only tree nearby and the sound of fading laughter. The closest I’ll be to ‘popular’ is sitting under this poplar tree.

Team Slytherin  Points and Spells


  1. 50 Points – Query and first 50 pages = Stupefy (Vicki Selvaggio, JDLA)

  2. Stupefy! 50 points to BFF Guide to Everlasting Friendship! Please send your query and pages as a word document attachment to my personal inbox ( And if you don't mind, could you also include your query letter on the first page of the word doc? Thanks!

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