Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Shelley Watters' Birthday Blowout First Page Contest with Victoria Marini

I have been doing a LOT of contest lately. But it seems like lately they have all been hosted by the wonderfully awesome Shelley Watters. I'm not complaining. In fact, I want to THANK Shelley for holding so many contests! It has been because of them that I was able to have my work critiqued by so many wonderful people and also call many of them my friends.

So, on to the newest contest. Shelley's Birthday Blowout First Page Contest with Victoria Marini! Here is what we have to do & I'm hoping that you all are willing to help me take the win!!

On June 25th I will post my first 250 words of my manuscript for everyone to critique. This process will go on through the 26th.

On June 27th, I will be posting my polished 250 words on Shelley's dedicated contest post as a comment. Then comes the waiting and praying part.

I encourage everyone to critique my entry and really let me know what you think. I can take it!

And Shelley...Keep the contest and challenges coming!!

Happy writing my friends and followers!! :)

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  1. Good luck Jamie!

    I have a blog award for you today on my blog.