Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Power Of Lightning

The title of this blog is the power of Lightning and I'm not talking about the weather phenomenon. I'm talking about the kick ass protagonist from Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy XIII-2. She is not only a beautiful woman; but she can fight her way out of any situation too.

The reason that I decided to write this blog was because I noticed something lately as I was bouncing around from blog to blog. A lot of my fellow female writers enjoy playing the game that I've grown to love and we all seem to gravitate towards Lightning. I can see why too. She is vulnerable in a way; but she is strong and smart also.

As I was talking with one of my friends on twitter the other night, she mentioned that she bases strong female characters off of her. I have to say, whenever I am looking to add a little umph to one of my MC's, I do this too. Lightning is just that woman that you long to be. Even if her world is falling apart, she finds a way to keep moving. To keep fighting until she has all the answers that she needs. I love taking that strength and adding it to my female characters. Her strength just adds the right amount of badassedness that is required at that point and time.

Lightning is a lot like her namesake. Beautiful and deadly. In one strike, she can kill whatever her gunblade touches. She is not only a character in a game; but she is also inspiring. She has inspired writing and women to embrace their strength. I urge you all to find the power inside of Lightning inside of your own selves and your MC's. You might find that you like what you see once you do!

Happy writing!!

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