Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Shelley Watters' Made Of Awesome Contest

The amazing Shelley Watters is hosting another contest! You will remember that I was one of the lucky winners of the query critique from her last contest! That just makes me even more excited for this Saturday!

So, the Made Of Awesome Contest is being judged by Judith Engracia of the Liza Dawson Agency. On Saturday, May, 28, 2011 I & the rest of the contestants will be posting the first 250 words of our manuscripts on our blogs to be critiqued along with the title, genre, and word count. 

Next we will hop around and read each other's submissions and comment/critique them in hopes of making them the best that they can be. This will go on through May 30th. On the 31st we will then take our polished 250 & post them on Shelley's blog to be judged by the pro's!

So, I ask for you my followers to help me make my contest submission the best that it can possibly be! Together we can do it! *Water Boy dude's voice inserted here* LOL

Check out Shelley on twitter and her blog.

Happy writing!! & come back on the 28th to help critique my submission please?!

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