Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Road Chosen

I titled this post the road chosen to reflect on my choices along the path to where my life is at this moment. As I look at where they have taken me, I can see the different paths that I could have chosen along the way. Each new turn would have taken me to a different place and passion; but only one brought me to here.

The road that I chose to walk along met my feet when they were both very small. It wound around different hopes and dreams along the way; but never failed to keep going. It led me through the joys and pain of life and has stuck by me when I thought that it was hopeless. The road of a writer has had my name on it before even I knew it's purpose.

I decided to write this post and have a few guest posts when someone asked me how long that I had been writing. At first, I gave the only a few years answer. Then I started thinking about being a small child with a notebook in front of me. I could remember all of the small stories that I wrote down and how my parents would giggle at what they were saying. "You're a writer!" my Mom would say each and every time.

As I revise one of my many "completed" novels, I know that there is an even longer road ahead of me. There will be forks in the path that I must choose to take. One of an agented author and the other of a self publishing one. Either one is a great road; but very different at the same time.

Hard work has brought me down this road and will take me even farther as I move along with this dream of mine. I am so happy that I placed my then tiny feet along this road and never chose another path when it appeared in front of me.

No matter what it takes, stay along your chosen road. Sure, querying will not be easy and rejection is a hard pill to swallow; but it's worth it in the end! Keep your head up and persevere! I will keep you updated on my journey along this road. Every bump and every curve will be documented and I thank you for taking it along with me! Happy writing my friends!

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  1. You are such an angel. You have a way with words unlike any I've met, yet! You made me think of when I was young and had that notebook and pencil in my hands. I wrote everything! I think some of us are born to write. To remember, and even to teach. Happy writing dear!