Sunday, October 12, 2014

Tricksters - Surviving Sarin

Name: Tanya S. Liard

Genre: YA Thriller


Word Count: 60,000

Hero: Dexter is who my protagonist best relates to- he has violent urges but attempts to focus those urges on the bad guys as he struggles to protect innocent people.

Pitch: Stranded on an island with his friends, 16-year-old Dylan struggles to keep his homicidal urges in check. When mercenaries arrive he finds an outlet for his bloodlust just in time...but it might not be enough.

250: I drag my feet and stare at the road, anything to delay getting home. I really don’t want to hear a lecture over a failed paper from my stepfather but I also don’t like disappointing him. Damn it. The constant thumping in my head is making matters worse. This is the fifth time I’ve gotten a migraine in the past two days.

“Hey Cynthia. Where’s Rob?” I ask when I get home, preparing for at least an hour long lecture.

“Work.” Her tiny eyes focus on the singing horses on the screen.

“He just left and didn’t get you a babysitter?” Strange, Rob never leaves Cynthia home alone – she’s only four. And he has been very overprotective since the implementation of the base curfew.

She shrugs then adds, “Daddy said not to answer the door, and that you would be home soon. And you have to make dinner.”

Most likely this has something to do with why there is a curfew on the base. No one at school knew what was really going on, and our parents never offered up a reason other than it’s for “protection.” Rob has been stressed, not sleeping, and working long hours ever since we were given a curfew. It must be something dangerous if Rob and all the other officers are constantly working.

Cynthia starts giggling as the singing ponies dance. My lips raise into a smile, and my grouchy mood begins to dissipate as I watch her curly golden pigtails sway from side to side.

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