Sunday, October 12, 2014

Tricksters - Shattered

Name: Kathleen S. Allen

Genre: YA dark contemporary


Word Count: 80,000

Hero: The heroine Zoey most relates to is the Black Widow because she's able to be in control of her life even though her past was questionable, much like Zoey's and she's an awesome fighter.

Pitch: Fifteen-year-old Zoey can’t cope after her kidnapping. When another girl goes missing, the kidnapper sends clues to Zoey. Entering the kidnapper’s twisted world again terrifies her but she can’t let him shatter another girl.

250: I run a swollen tongue over dried cracked lips. The dirty water in the pail by the mattress beckons but I can’t bring myself to drink out of it. The shadows lengthen but he’s not back and he’s always back by dark. Hope flares like a tiny flame in my chest. Is this finally over?

I pad over to peer out the small hole at the bottom of the door to watch for his return. A bit of snow has blown inside and I scoop it up, relishing the fresh taste as I kneel to look out. I put my eye to the hole. There are no footprints leading away. The woods beyond are quiet.

He’ll be back soon and maybe he’ll bring food. I try not to imagine it, but it’s too late, my stomach clenches and I double over with the sharp hunger pangs. I think I ate yesterday but the days blend together with the nights…no, don’t go there.

I stand to grasp the doorknob and yank on it like I’ve done for months not expecting it to turn. But when I pull on it, it opens. The shock of cold air makes me gasp. Taking several breaths to calm my racing heart, I swing the door wide enough to see the trees stark against the wintry scene. The snow isn’t too deep, I can run through it. A twig snaps. I close the door, eyes shut, breathing hard. If he finds me outside he’ll kill me.