Sunday, October 12, 2014

Tricksters - The Snapping of the Lock

Name: Julie Graham

Genre: Adult Thriller

Title: The Snapping of the Lock

Word Count: 76,000

Hero: Darcy relates most to Spider-man because despite her good intentions, the people closest to her keep dying.

Pitch: Darcy learns her best friend is a killer the hard way--by surviving a vengeful almost-murder at his hands. Others aren't so lucky, and to save the lives that matter most, Darcy must take his.

250:  Darcy wasn’t paranoid—that would have implied she was imagining things. But no, she knew someone followed her on her daily runs. It hadn’t always been that way, just since she met with Sam at the library a week ago. Each morning that followed, as she laced up her shoes, she convinced herself the inexplicable unease wouldn’t come and perhaps it was her imagination after all.

That morning she ran three miles free of her second shadow, thoughts of Sam drifting under the thumping beat of her music. Then came the eruption of goose bumps across her arms and the burst of prickles on the back of her neck. Jarred from her oblivious running state, she looked over her shoulder to see only empty sidewalk. But there was no imagining that presence behind her, as tangible as gravity and equally invisible.

She hadn’t told anyone about this hidden stalker, not Sam or even her best friend Chris. What could she say? Her run took her through St. Louis’s vast Forest Park, a popular running spot. Surely it was just some other early morning runner that she simply couldn’t see—a perfectly rational explanation.

Yet rational explanations did nothing to dissipate her anxiety, and Darcy sped up in a futile attempt to escape it. She ran on, glancing back at the sidewalk, up at the roiling grey clouds and around at the bare trees. The park appeared deserted, but the shivers racing down her spine said otherwise.

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