Sunday, April 12, 2015

Pitch Slam Entry 8: Of Time and Blood, YA Science Fiction

Title: Of Time and Blood

Genre: Young Adult Science Fiction

Word Count: 76,000

Pitch: As a Timekeeper, seventeen-year-old Mikaelah keeps humankind on a preordained course for peace. When a violent organization championing free will emerges, she must decide: defeat them and prevent anarchy, or abdicate and embrace the unknown.

First 250:

Some Timekeepers saw the Schedules as a rigid set of rules never to be broken, but I figured a little creative interpretation never hurt anyone.

The dust was thick in the air and heavy on my tongue as I inhaled. With every breath, history took root in my lungs. A flowery perfume tried to hide the musty scent, but the smell of years long gone still lived on in the antique store.

“Change of plans,” I said as my assignment partner rounded the corner of the aisle. He jumped out of the way to avoid sending a teetering pile of old magazines crashing to the floor.

“Why do you always do this?” Trent closed his eyes and sighed. "What was wrong with the original plan?”

“Too simple for a guy like that. We’ll need something a little more drastic to get through his thick skull.” My gaze drifted towards our target.

Twenty-six-year-old Joseph Bolland stood on the far side of the store with stiff shoulders and a straight back. The window behind him, dirtied with years of grime, let in very little light. Even with the dingy overhead lamps, the wine glass in his hands was barely visible.

I ran through my mental checklist for matchmaking assignments. The briefing was on point with almost everything, but it had failed to mention Joseph was a real jerk.

Trent's voice sliced through my annoyance. "What'd he do to piss you off?"

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