Friday, June 29, 2012

The One About Following Your Dreams

Have you ever felt like giving up? After being punched one too many times in the gut, you just felt like enough was enough? Well, this week I had that moment. My hopes had been dashed and the light at the end of the tunnel had dimmed to the point where I believed it was just my imagination and it didn't really exist anymore. Then something wonderful happened! My hubby hugged me and told me the words I needed to hear. "You're an amazing author. Just because they weren't right for you doesn't mean you're horrible. Giving up will only let the ones who want you to fail to win."

I wiped the tears away and suddenly the light was back in view! Those few little sentences said it all to me. The person who said no wasn't wanting me to give up. They just knew something that I didn't. At this point in time, we were not meant to be. Sure it hurts to hear that, but I know that they're right. And I thank them for being wonderful and not trying to make something work that we both know wouldn't. (Wow! This sounds like a bad date or breakup!)

Another bright spot came when I found out from my other lovely friends that I'd made it into the wonderful Brenda Drake's That Doggone Voice Workshop! By now, everyone should know how much I love Brenda. She's a rock star and I'm super proud of her success! I'm also very grateful to be chosen as a winner for the workshop.

My friend, John Lucas Hargis, has been wielding his pimp cane and making me put more hooks in the water. As I wait for nibbles, I keep throwing hooks out and working on my next wip. Even though that light might dim a few more times, I'm not about to give up. This dream is worth fighting for and I encourage you all to keep fighting for your own dreams!

Until next time, happy reading/writing everyone!

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  1. Way to stay positive. I believe that the query process prepares authors for future reader reviews, so keep working hard!