Monday, June 25, 2012

#BadWritingTips: Are you guilty?

I tried to find something with Bad Writing Tips, but couldn't. So, I decided on this one. It made me laugh.

Saturday, twitter exploded with tons of #BadWritingTips and even trended after Megan Whitmer and Julie Murphy started the ball rolling. In fact, it's so hot that it's still moving along today! There were many tips thrown out by awesome authors and even I managed to get one in. Below is a list of my faves. I hope you enjoy these as much as I did and find them useful in your writing. 

WARNING: These are BAD writing tips! NEVER do anything suggested in these tips.

1. Mine- Don't bother with pesky revisions & edits. They're not needed anyway. Just start querying. Agents love that sort of thing!#BadWritingTips

2. Lord Voldermont-#badwritingtips: Do everything Stephenie Meyer does. Just replace vampires with leprechauns. 

3. Maureen Johnson-Assume your readers are idiots. #badwritingtips 

4. Carrie Bailey-You don't need to write better. You need to stop other writers from writing better. #badwritingtips 

5. Leigh Ann Kopans-Try to use a different synonym for "said" every time someone talks. It will show people that you know lots of words. #badwritingtips 

6. Megan Whitmer-Use the word "just" as much as possible. And "suddenly."#BadWritingTips 

7. Julie Murphy-Use words you don't know how to pronounce. #BadWritingTips 

Now, a few more of my own:

8. Spell a word wrong? Just say that's how your MC would spell it and move on! #badwritingtips

9. If you're MC starts off as a jerk, leave them that way! Who cares if they're shallow & never develop into something more. #badwritingtips

10. Make sure that every character's name starts with a letter in YOUR name. #badwritingtips

11. Writing a YA book about first love? Every chapter MUST contain a sex scene. #badwritingtips

12. 50 Shades of Grey is huge right now. Take it and change it into a YA book about disco vamps. Don't worry if it's already been done. #badwritingtips

13. Agents totally love it when you drop by their office and demand they read your MS. Do it often and get signed. #badwritingtips

14. Make sure to threaten an agent in every query. It'll tell them how much you want them. #badwritingtips

15. Have sexy pics of yourself? Make THAT your author pic and send them along with your query. It'll totally sale your MS! #badwritingtips

Well those are just a few of mine along with some of my faves. Really, I could have kept going, but I decided to give you a break. Make sure to check out my friend and fellow #twitwits John Lucas Hargis' post complete with his own list of bad writing tips to learn more.

Do you have any bad writing tips to share? I'd love to hear them!

Until next time, happy reading/writing everyone!

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