Tuesday, April 10, 2012

And The Winners Are....

All emails & DM's have been sent to the winners who have contacted me and the donators of their prize! If you haven't received yours and you've emailed me, let me know. Congrats again!!

First, I'd like to thank everyone who donated a prize to this contest. Without your very kind donations, I wouldn't have been able to do this. Words can not express how grateful I am to have you all as friends. Thank you to everyone who tweeted and Retweeted the contest. Thank you to the ones who Facebooked and placed the contest on forums. You're all rock stars in my book! Mwah!

Next, I'd like to say thank you to everyone who entered. I was hoping for a good turn out. Around a few dozen or so entries, but boy was I surprised. With 14 possible entries, the number at the end was 229! That was far more than what I was expecting and I thank you all for wanting to win these awesome prizes! (All of which I wish I could keep, but I'm not that mean. Hehe.)

So, on to what you've all came here for. The winners!!

Drum roll........

The winners as chosen by Random.org are as follows:

1. Na

2. Alex Dignin

3. Kelly Weaver

4. Mireille Chester

5. Natalie Cleary

6. Olivia Frahm

7. Ashley Turcotte

8. Lauren Reidy

9. bn100

Congratulations to everyone who won!! And thank you once again to everyone who entered. If the winners would email me with the prizes in order in which they'd like to have them 1-9 (1 being most & 9 being least) to saphirablue84 at gmail dot com, and I'll do my best to meet your requests.

If you've won and decide that you do not want your prize, I'll pick another person from the list to take your place. Just drop me a line and let me know. I'm giving all of the winners 2 weeks to contact me before I choose a replacement. So, check back to see if a new winner or winners have been announced. (No promises there will be any though. Just a fyi.)

Thank you all once again. This was such a success that I'm thinking about doing another contest soon. Until then, happy reading & writing everyone!!

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